30 June 2006

Camping, reading, knitting & quilting

What do those things have in common? Well...

CarGuy and I used to go camping in the mountains. A lot. We had an old hard sided camper that fit a long box pickup and we put it on a short box pickup. Never really worked very well. It was so old that one year when we took it off the truck and set it on the blocks the bottom fell out. Oops! We then bought a tent. That was okay for a while, but then our fishing poles were stolen right out of the garage. We think it happened during one of our nefarious garage parties. Moving right along... we loaned the tent to The Kid and, needless to say, never saw it again. So the other night we bought a pop-up camper for the truck.

I am excited that we can once again go camping! And possibly fishing. I like to fish. It's a great way to look like you are doing something when you really aren't doing anything at all. It's a wonderful time to design quilts in your head. Or better yet, continuous line quilting patterns. I sometimes fall asleep drawing a continuous line quilting pattern on the mattress with my finger. But I digress. CarGuy doesn't like to clean the fish so I had to learn how to do it. But that was many years ago; about 15 years, I think. I wonder if I can still do it?

Even camping, I think I'll be able to do some stash busting of a sort. I've thought about back-basting some applique blocks to take with me, but, ya know, I have a lot of yarn that I need to use so I'll probably continue to knit socks. It is nice and portable. And I'll read. My book stack has grown by leaps and bounds! I've been buying books to take to Denver-town to Auntie but haven't been reading them myself. This will be a good chance for me to catch up on my reading. So that is the news for this holiday weekend which will be spent at home. We need to twiddle with the camper a bit before taking it on a true trip. Small things like disinfecting the water res, charging the batteries, stocking food, finding a quilt to fit the bed...

On the quilting front here's what I've been doing. I am finally quilting this quilt. I know what baby this quilt is going to but the couple involved aren't pregnant yet. Is this counting your chickens before they're hatched? I spent yesterday pin basting quilts. I have 3 quilts ready to quilt. I just kept basting until I ran out of pins. I have 4 more tops, and this morning I pieced backings for two of them and matched up a top, back and batting so when I'm done with the 3 that are currently basted I can do 2 more.

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  1. That is such a pretty quilt. How do you machine quilt, do you do free motion quilting or follow a pattern. Any tips on machine quilting a large with on a regualar sewing machine? Post an after picture of your quilt.