23 July 2006

More on How I Quilt

I thought I should finish telling you how I quilt. The photo at left or at the start (I never know where this things will land without going in and messing the the html code) show a couple of things. Good lighting really helps so that there isn't a shadow on the spot where you are working. I 'set' the horizontal and vertical lines with straight stitching using a walking foot. I am just about finished with that part of it on this quilt. I mentioned before that I use a Slider and that really helps the quilt slide on the bed of my machine. One major thing is that I turn my cabinet to face the wall and add a small table to my left. The table helps support the extra weight of the quilt as I work on it and an ironing board works too. The reason I turn my cabinet to the wall is so the quilt doesn't hang off the back of it and pull on the needle. A good, supportive chair at the right height works wonders for ergonomics. I also loosen my top tension just a wee bit. I also start each quilting session with a practice quilt-let like those you see in the second picture. This loosens me up and gets my rythm right. I also loosen up my top tension just a wee bit. I am quilting this quilt with invisible thread and when I started on my practice quilt-let the bobbin was snarling on the back. After several false starts, I realized that I needed a lighter weight thread in the bobbin. I changed to Superior's Bottom Line and Voila! problem solved.

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  1. I want to know how you manage to get the rolled quilt in the machine, that's what always bums me out. What designs do you normally stick to or find easier to quilt on a regular machine. Sorry for all the questions but your info is very helpful.