10 August 2006

Quilt Stuff

It's a good thing I didn't opt in for the Great August Fabric Depression. My stash was woefully lacking in lights. It is still pretty lean on that side of the value spectrum but these will help.


I found this stuff and am going to use it on the RR Quilt mentioned in a previous post. Has anyone used this? What were your experiences with it? Opinions?


And now ... The quilt top pictured below is large: 102" x 102" The 9-patch sashing is 9" and the star blocks are 18". It is so big it doesn't fit my design wall (which is floor to ceiling). It started as a value study and got out of hand! It has a wonderful WOW! factor from across the room but when you get up close that WOW! factor gets lost. I am thinking of appliqueing a silhouette of a couple onto this. I know there is a woman who actually does her applique after the piece is quilted and I have actually seen one of her quilts done this way. It was a medallion that was crosshatch quilted and then flowers were appliqued onto it. Now, my applique is quite a bit larger than a flower. Do you think it would work -- appliqueing a silhouette onto this after it is quilted? Lemmeno, would you:?



  1. I love the idea of the silhouette, but I would do it before it is quilted. Otherwise it will look puffy and baggy compared to the rest of the quilt. One of my pet peves is to see a beautiful quilt at a quilt show that is quilted beautifully in most places, but is way too lightly quilted in others. Makes it look very unfinished. A quilt needs to have a balanced amount of quilting across the entire quilt. I know it seems easier to do the applique after the quilting, but I just don't think you'd like how it looks.

  2. very pretty fabric! I followed your blog from Shelina's - I will be back!!

  3. Beautiful quilt - perfectly pieced - NO TO APPLIQUE!

    If I were to applique a silouhette onto it, it would definately be before quilting so that it too could be quilted. (The unquilted applique only works with small pieces - IMHO & I am pictureing a big silouhette.)

    Don't worry that you "lose" the wow up close.... When you do the "Tadah" people will be far enough away to see what you accomplished!

    When you/they look at it up clse, it is to see the fabrics (or points/intersections), not the design.

  4. I forgot - LOVE the lights! Nice to see that they are not WOW or COC :o) (Although those have their place too. For example, next to white quite a few of those lights could be medium.)

  5. Laura in Odessa10:51 PM

    I think too, that a large silhouette would look baggy added after quilting, unless it was a line silhouette, not solid. Even then I think it would be hard to keep it from looking stuck on.

  6. Why? It is so beautiful now.

  7. This is such a beautiful quilt. I like the idea of appliquing a silhouette, but I guess I would put it on something with a more plainer, simpler quilt.
    But it is your quilt, and you should do what makes you happy.

  8. OK, so I'm a bit late with your Stable Magic question, but I just hopped over here from Darcie's blog and saw the picture.

    Yes I've used it. I went to Paducah this year with a group of 12 other women, and one of them has used it before and loves it. So I bought some and just tried it. It was wonderful! I loved it. I love invisible machine applique except for the ripping out of the paper - so this solved that problem! It is very soft after you wash it and can't tell it was ever there. I had a tad of of trouble getting the fabric to stick to the paper with the glue stick, but not that it was a problem or trouble. It just didn't stick as easy as regular paper. I found putting the glue stick on the fabric instead of the paper helped some.

    If you want to see the quilt I used it on go here:

    It is the pomegranate one right at the top of the post.