21 August 2006

A Good Time Was Had By All...

Every time I see the title phrase in some newsletter I always chuckle. Did the writer use that phrase mockingly or earnestly? I am using it both ways.


I'm back from the Sculpture Show and I bring pictures. This show happens every year on the second weekend in August. Three days of sculpture. Why am I involved? Because I am the office/gallery manager for a well-known bronze sculptor. There were 9 tents with ~38 sculptors per tent, several food/coffee/lemonade booths, volunteer stations, Emerging Artist tent, and Vendor's Supply tent. Here's a short picture tour of this year's show:

When we first enter the show grounds this is what we see. The head is approximately 16 feet tall (or taller). Because of it's size this is called a monumental piece. The tent to the right of the head is the Emerging Artists tent where children and teens can go and get their hands on some clay for sculpting experience. See Chester Fields's eagles there in the background? We are in tent 4 which is to the left of the tent behind the eagles.

To our left is tent 6. In front of the tent is this magnificent monumental piece: "Turning Point" by Jocelyn Russell. This is a commission by BYU. Can you guess the price?


Did you guess $52,500.00?

We are just about to our tent. Look at these two pieces! Totally unlike but very evocative of each other. The white one on the left is "Novus Grande" by Harold Linke and the bronze is "Ballerina" by Barry Woods Johnston. Very nice.


We are now standing outside our tent. This is how long it is. Image 9 of these tents!


Once inside we find our spot. Sidebar: this year we did not take any life-sized or monumental pieces so setup and teardown was a breeze. This is the view from behind our table looking across the width of the tent. You can see Mark's "Lincoln" and the saloon girl from "Cowpokes".


And this is Lindsey. She has the booth right next to us. She's bringing out the whale that she sees in this piece of alabaster.


I hope you enjoyed our virtual tour of the sculpture show.

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