20 September 2006

I've got applique on my mind

Humph! Don't preview your post without saving it first or copying. I just lost a whole rant! Which is probably for the best. At least from your perspective.

Sew what have I been up to lately?

American Beauty

I bound the Minnesota Hot Dish quilt and finished up the Snowman quilt. Photos are coming, I promise. I have been gathering fabrics from the stash to do JudyL's October 1-hour a day quilt, Leaf Season. Maybe. Because of my own agenda in finishing up some WIPs and UFOs I might not do it. I also am getting ready to teach a class to my mini group on Bethany Reynold's Stack-N-Whack technique. And I just got another quilt back from the long-arm quilter that I need to bind.

I have been designing an applique wallhanging to hang at the head of our bed. I just read the post over at Susan's Confession of a Mad Quilter about the applique quilts (with some wonderful photos, I might add). I was intrigued with the last one of the reverse applique. I am taking a class from Suzanne Marshall Oct 3 on reverse applique, so I am going to wait to work on this piece until after the class. Like that is going to be hard, it's only a week away! Yikes! I'm not ready! For the designing of this piece I ended up buying a Wacom Graphire4 tablet. Why didn't I get one of these sooner? It is so much easier to work on drawings and photos with a pen than a mouse. I love it. I LOVE IT! Can you tell I LOVE it?


The photos are clickable. The first photo is an applique quilt that I completed several years ago. I found the top at a flea market for about $40 if memory serves right. All the pieces and fabric were there. The applique pieces were printed on both the colored fabric and the white background fabric and even without instructions it was easy to complete. The quilting design was also printed on the white fabric with blue dots. I think that it might have be stored in a hot place because the blue never did wash out completely. I have had this quilt documented by the Colorado Quilt Council. In one of my books, there is a small picture of a completed one exactly like this one and the kit was called American Beauty. There wasn't enough of the darker green to do the thorns on the stems, but I lucked out and had some (old) bias tape that matched.

Let's see I finished knitting a pair of Crazy Woman Sox. The slightly OCD that I am kept track of the time it took to make this last pair. If I just do a simple sock then I can make a pair in 7 days. 2 socks. 5 needles. I started a pair using this pattern.

On another thought: I've been thinking about putting a blogroll of some of the blogs I stalk, er read. Would anyone be interested? It's a pretty eclectic assortment. How funny! When I do a spell check using blogger it wants to replace "JudyL" with "cuddles".


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Neat quilt! (Is a blogroll, like bloglines?) I have a thing for red roses...

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on there! The applique is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful rose quilt! And it wasn't stored in a hot place. As I'm learning more and more about quilt history I'velearned those blue dots didn't come out of any of the quilts of that era no matter what they did. Historians now say to appreciate them for what they are - a sure-fire way to date the quilt, and proof that the quilt is an original from that era, not a copy.

  4. Not much use to you now, but did you know there is a 'recover' button on Blogger? It saves stuff automatically. You may not get back all of it, but the chances are, you'll get back a bit...