25 September 2006

Pincushions & a quilt


I took a photo of my pincushions and containers for you. Clockwise from the lower left corner:

     • a white magnetic pin catcher for pins that only get used in my design wall
     • a gift of a fancy berry pincushion that holds decorated corsage pins
     • an old fruitcake tin that holds all the safety pins I use for pbastinging
     • a Doreen Speckman chicken I won at the quilt show on Friday! I want to restuff it with something beside fiberfill so it will sit right
     • the old tomato pincushion that I use for used sewing machine needles. Note the needle sizes written on it
     • "The Tea Cozy tin that houses (pun intended) all my small headed silk pins
     • a gifted fancy orpincushionncusion
     • my sharps container: for all the bent & broken pins & needles + craft knife blades. These will be disposed of like medical waste
     • my grandmother's crocheted pin duck that sits on the treadle machine
     • the blue wrist pincushion that I made that holds the thick flower headed pins that only get used in the design wall. These pins are soon joining the ones in the white magnet one
     • a couple of containers of t-pins used for blocking quilts
     • my grandmother's tin (Parker's Tar Soap) that holds my glass headed silk pins
     • and lastly the emory filled berry with thin flower head pins that I use when I teach Stack-N-Whack®. The students always bring the wrong type of pins and mine are fast disappearing

Speaking of sharp points: I picked up a nail somewhere and when I went to leave for work this morning my right front tire was flat. I don't think it could have gotten any flatter. CarGuy told me to take the truck. We have 2 trucks: an older model GMC standard pickup that is CarGuy's daily driver and a Dodge 4x4 that we use for the camper. I am sew glad that we took the camper off last weekend! Sew today I fit in with all the other trucks and SUVs. CarGuy is fixing my flat for me, what a sweetie!

Sew I promised you a photo of the Minnesota Hot Dish that I made from Atkinson Designs. Here it is in 1930's reproductions. I made the center portion in April at a guild retreat and added the piano key border later at home. This one goes into the giveaway pile.



  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Mn. Hotdish was in my "to-do" pile once upon a time ago - I think I changed my mind and did Jewel Box instead.... (At least that is my hope because the book was not with any fabric....)

  2. Love the hotdish pattern! Your pins are so organized!

  3. I have the MN hotdish pattern. I bought because I am from MN and I love hotdishes. I haven't made it though.

    I love your color choices for the quilt.

    You have lots of ways to save your pins. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A very nice give away quilt. I, too, almost made Hotdish - when The Princess had a boyfriend who hailed from MN. The boyfriend and the quilt plan have long since fallen by the wayside *s*

  5. Oh my goodness, you DO have a system for organizing many types of pins (I have heard of labeling the segments of a tomato for sewing machine needle sizes). Your quilt is beautiful - I like the piano key border effect!

    Sorry about the flat - worth is to consider keeping a can of "Fix a Flat" in your car... When I bought a truck the salesperson just about fell over when I insisted he show me exactly the spare came off the holder from underneath in case I ever got a flat. He asked - haven't you ever heard of a cell phone? I told him I often travel, alone, with a 3 year old in "dead" areas - I don't want to wait to be rescued - I need to know how to do it myself! Trucks are a bit different with the spare tire thing.



  6. Love your collection of pincushions and tins. The 30's Minnesota Hot Dish quilt is very cute!

  7. I have a chicken pincushion that is stuffed with rice. I bought it at a quilt shop.