14 September 2006

My Autumn Post


Mmmmm. Autumn. In Colorado the days are bouncing between low 70's and high 80's. The nights are cool: averaging about 45ºF. This weekend the daytime high is forecasted to be in the 50's. I love these days of autumn where it is still warm but there is a hint of cool. Pretty soon the evenings will be cool enough for a quilt like this, but not this one. I gave this to TheKid's former girlfriend. This was supposed to be MY quilt. It's just a simple flannel 9-patch and snowball but I quilted it with signs and symbols from the zodiac, elements, planets and such. I need to make myself another one. And keep it this time.

I walked down to the city building to pay my bill and came back via the yarn shop. Now that was a mistake. I pulled a100g skein of Trekking XXL yarn (yummy) and two 50g skeins of this new Regia Bamboo yarn. Yes, it is made with bamboo -- absolutely delicious color. Can you see the flecks of blue in it? Here I have been trying to stashbust the yarn along with the fabric and I go and buy more. I am seeing a lot of Crazy Woman Sox in the near future. What are Crazy Woman Sox? Well, when I first started to knit sox I was asked "Are you crazy, Woman?". Sew now, when I gift sox, I make a label for them; the label is a fast one made with a word processor, printer, and scrapbooking paper. Sew in a way, I am also stashbusting the large horde of acid free paper!

If you are paying attention (are you?), you'll notice that my reading pile hasn't changed in a while. Well, I am reading. Currently, it is The Shadow of the Wind. I just don't seem to find the time to read like I used to do. I like to read. But lately I have noticed that I can't read when I am bombarded with a lot of noise or distractions, like the tv. When I do try to read, I usually put my iPod on some NewAgey tinkley type music for background and then I can read. Plus, and it is a plus, I just haven't had that many appointments where I've had to wait. The sidebar will change when it changes.

Speaking of tv, what's on tonight? The season premier's are starting on the network channels. CarGuy usually has control of the clicker. You know, it's that guy thing. But I have 3 programs that I like to watch and one has it's season premier tonight. The only reality show that I watch: Survivor. Let the backstabbing begin! This is a game I could never play so I get vicarious thrills watching this show. Blame my sister on this one, she got me hooked. The other 2 shows? CSI (the one in Las Vegas) and Desparate Housewives. Hmmmm. I wonder what my taste in tv shows means? The rest of the time CarGuy watches

wait for it.....

Car Shows! Bwahahaha!


  1. Survivor is my guilty pleasure too. (Along with CSI - LV version)

  2. That looks like a nice simple pattern for using flannel - I find flannel a bit fiddly! And - the pattern all combined together really looks great - yes, definately make another one for yourself.

    I don't watch ANY TV because I don't want my son to see it... he watches DVDs on a little player and that is it for now... but every once in awhile I catch a re-run of something before he is up for the day!



  3. What a great quilt! I have always love the snowball with 9 patches, but never thought to make it in flannel!! Ok..a light bulb moment for me! Thanks *VBS*

    And what great yarn! I love your Crazy Woman soxs too. It's the only knitting I do, just socks on 4 needles, and I love doing it! Mostly they are for me..*S* Altho I've given some away.
    And girl, you have company on Thursday night right here in WI..I'm a dyed in the wool original Surviver forever fan, and same with that original CSI..don't care for the other two new ones..*VBS*
    oh ya, I never miss Desperate Housewives either..come on new fall season..*VBS* Like you, I could never survive the Surviver challenges and live, so I enjoy watching others try to do it. And it's interesting how human nature plays out before your eyes..Hugs, Finn

  4. Your quilt is really pretty. I really like fall colors, and have never thought of using white with fall colors, but it looks good. I didn't realize until you said it that it was a simple ninepatch / snowball. I might just have to add it to my todo list.