13 September 2006

The Kid & CATS


How did "The Kid" get his nickname? Well, we are big fans of Looney Tunes at our house, and I am a Sylvester the Cat groupie. When The Kid was about 3 years old (and still allowed me to make him clothes), I made a pair of red&white jammies for him. Before I stitched up the top, I took it to a local t-shirt shop and had a cartoon iron-pressed to the front. The one I picked? Sylvester the Cat's son: Sylvester Jr. The words "The Kid" were part of the iron-on. Ever since then I've called DS "The Kid". The quilt pictured is the second flannel quilt I've made for him. All the dark flannel used was leftovers from shirts and boxers. I did have to go out and purchase some beige/tan flannels for the stars. It is simply quilted by QID. I don't spend a lot of time on his quilts because he is quite hard on them, I make them with the intention of replacing it about every 5-6 years.

Sunday I took my Auntie to the Denver Center for Performing Arts production of CATS. It was the 25th Anniversary Tour of CATS. I had never seen it: either live or on DVD. The tickets were within my price range and I called for information on the theater itself as Auntie is quite frail but still ambulatory. I was able to get tickets for the mezzanine where the handicapped seats are and we took the elevator up, walked in and sat down. No steps. In fact, by going up several levels in the parking garage, I was able to park right next to the elevators. Woohoo! It was a wonderful performance. When it was over, Auntie leaned over to me and said, "I didn't think I would ever get to see this! And to be able to enjoy a live performance again! Thank you." I wanted to cry. Something so simple as to take her to a play made her so happy. I know she told everyone about going because her hairdresser said to not park in the parking garage because of the cost. As I was taking her into the foyer of her apartment building she told one of the other ladies there that we were just coming back from the play. Sew, do something for an elder in your life even if it is just sitting and chatting. It will make their day and it will enrich your life. /paula


  1. Hi Paula, what a lovely post! I got to take 3 of my 5 to see a live performance of Cats when it toured Mpls/St.Paul MN. It was done in old,old,old downtown MPLS theatre and was wonderful. That was such a neat thing to do for her..Hugs to you!!! And I love the plaid flannel quilt. I'll bet the Kid loves it also. I've never considered using that much "color" for a background and keeping the stars light..I really like it!! Hugs, Finn

  2. The flannel "Kid" quilt is wonderful! So colorful and cheery. What a warm gesture for your aunt!

  3. What a tender story of seeing Cats with your Aunt -- a special day and Memories for both of you.

    I tell ya, I never met a plaid quilt I didn't like. This is no exception. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a really beautiful quilt. I really like the colors in this one too. I called my daughter The Kid all the time too, although I have no idea why.