04 October 2006

Another Lesson Learned


Recently, I learned something about how I work. I am a piler when I'm creating. For proof, I present these photos (photos are clickable). This is where I work on art journals or scrapbooks. It is inside a closet in a bedroom turned office. In fact, as I type this my back is to that closet. Do you see how messy it is? Here's a closer look.


I was working on my holiday cards over the weekend.

Yesterday was when I realized that I am not a neat, organized person when I create. When my right brain takes over I have piles of stuff laying around. In yesterday's applique class the table in front of me looked very similar to this but substitute fabric for the paper. I guess I really sink into my right brain when I'm creating. Do you?


  1. Well Paula, I was thinking that it doesn't look too bad!

  2. LOl I'm never a neat organized person! However would I find anything if I put it away?

  3. I bought stacking office trays (for papers) and use those when I am making a project -they are great for keeping layers seperated and you always can pick up a tray or 2 to see what is on the 3rd or 4th tray. I like the trays because they help keep my actual work space a bit clear. But - your area doesn't look too bad!



  4. Is there some other part to the brain than the right side?