02 October 2006

Lesson learned

I'm off to a guild meeting tonight and tomorrow I am taking a class from Suzanne Marshall. I'll post my weekend happenings later in the week. I sometimes have a lot to say sew I write several posts and save them as drafts for a later date. This is one of those posts.



I seem to attract other people's UFO's. Why is that?

The picture is of a quilt that I made for my brother (are you reading this Woodworker?) Auntie started it and I finished it. It is quite a large quilt, maybe king size? and is made from a pattern in an old book The Needlework Library by Elizabeth Laird Mathieson Published 1949 that Auntie also gave me. The pattern is called 'Hollyhock Wreath'. The white fabric is a textured kettle cloth fabric that probably had more than a bit of poly in it. The green was a poly/cotton broadcloth. The hollyhocks were scraps of muumuu fabrics from Hawaii.

Sidebar: if you have ever been to Hawaii you will know that a lot of the tourist clothing is polyester and not cotton. When I was there I had the hardest time finding a cotton Aloha shirt.

Back on-topic. This quilt is tied not quilting because it goes under the category of dumb mistakes. You would think that with all that polyester I would have thought about the batting I was going to use. Nope. Because I used not one but TWO high loft batts. Yes, dear readers, you read that right, two batts stacked one on top of the other. It was so thick I had to tie it. Lesson learned.


  1. It's really fun, regardless of the mistakes!

  2. It is a pretty quilt, and if you learned something from it - all the better, right.
    For some reason, bloglines isn't letting me know when you update your posts!