26 October 2006


First the DSL modem at work fries.

Then the internets are soooooo sloooooooow this morning that posting and commenting and even picking up email is a chore.

And finally, TheKid, waits until the last minute to request a costume for Halloween. I thought I was done making Halloween costumes for him when he was a toddler. Oh, what a cute little field mouse he made. And yes, I scrapbook too. I just photographed part of a scrapbook layout. The 'font' you see there is some handlettering that I tried to make look spooky. I'll show a pic of the most recent costume when I can. Hopefully, I get him to model it!

Sew, I was able to layout and cut the costume last evening thanks to my small rotary cutter! Zip, zip, zip. I got the sewing machine and the serger all set up so tonight after work I can just sew. With any luck, I can get it done tonight so he can wear it on Saturday night.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    You know, if you make it, you can require a photo of him modeling it... (You have historical basis for this requirement - the ever so cute feild mouse!)

    My 23 to 25-ish male co-worker is getting ready to make a Fred Flintstone costume for himself!

  2. No matter what, they always depend on Mom to get things done in a pinch

  3. Talked to my mom this morning - she's spending her Saturday making my 18 year old brother into a grilled cheese sandwich for a Halloween party tonight!!