27 October 2006

Sharp-shinned Hawk

We had a little bit of excitement at the Studio yesterday. I was at my desk and just happened to glance up about the same time that a Sharp-shinned Hawk slammed into the front window of the gallery. It's prey, a small sparrow, hit the window first breaking it's neck and the hawk hit almost simultaneously. It was stunned and obviously hurt. While the guys put on welding gloves, picked it up and put it in a box, I called The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. They have a rescue program and collected our hawk. I haven't heard back from them if the hawk made it or not.

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  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Let us know when you hear anything. (I had a pet bird die this way, but I was too young to remember. I just remember my mother telling me about it several years later. I don't even remember having a pet bird. I wouldn't have one now - I am creeped out by them after Alfred Hitchcock.)