22 October 2006

Posting & listening

I bet you wish I'd quit mucking around with my sidebar template, huh? Well, I decided that I need to shame myself into reading more so I added all the books in my reading stack to my sidebar. I had to make more room so I removed the graphics. Gives it a cleaner look anyway. Now you all know the genre of the books I read. LOL!

On another note:
Did you know that you could listen to podcasts through your computer? You don't need an iPod or mp3 player. You have a great big one in your computer/laptop. Try it. Just click on Alex Anderson's link over there to the right. When you get to her site you have two choices: at the top you can click on "podcast new" or over on the left in the nav bar you can click on "audio show". At the next page just scroll to the episode you want to listen to and click on "Play". Easy peasy. Your default audio player will open up and the episode will begin to play. If you are on dial up, this may or may not work.


  1. Just a tidbit - love your socks! I don't knit and I'm trying really hard to resist the urge to learn how. LOL I love the sock idea for your digital camera.

    And, your spreadsheet for projects is a great idea!

  2. Paula, thanks for the comments on my blog.

    I'm having such issues with my socktoberfest results. I can't seem to get the right needle size to the correct cast-on figure to make my socks fit and feel right...*sigh*

    Loved reading thru your blog...I'll be back!