22 October 2006

Random rantings

Note: I wrote this post last night but couldn't seem to get it uploaded. But the internets are acting better today so here it is.


I'm still here. Still have the cold. Did I mention I have a cold? I hate colds.

Toes are much better. I guess I forgot to tell you that I had 4! toenails removed? Ouch. Those danged unusually curved nails (born with them) caused really bad ingrowns that ended up getting surgically removed (got about 3 more to do). Hurt like the devil for the first week. I'm on the third week. It takes 3-6 weeks to heal because they are essentially chemical burns. But I'm getting to really like the daily foot soaks. Can't wear shoes yet, but so what! It's a wonderful way to show off some of the sox I've been knitting. Sox and sandals: a Colorado apparal choice.

Here’s a shot of a corner of my home office desk. See some of CarGuy’s toys there in the back. How about that white sock in the front? That, believe it or not, is my camera case. It does look a little stupid carrying around a sock, but I can leave it in the car and it looks just like a dirty old sock, not a digital camera. There’s my wonderful 160Gb external HD there for music, pictures and backups.

I want to be an old woman with a braid. So I am growing my hair. Why is it that when it gets to a certain length all I can think about is cutting it?

I found a really good food/snack bar called Larabar. Mmmm... good. The best. Try it.

Had a pleasant day with Shelina and her DD. I chattered and talked all day. She is a quiet sort but I talked enough for all of us. Chatty Cathy - that's me. Showed them around the place a bit. Fortunately, we didn't get snow (but Denvertown and south did) but we did have a cold bitter wind. Got lost a couple of times. Some of the things I showed them I haven't even seen in a while and it changed! Imagine that! Wasn't planning to but I found Bobcat Ridge. Went by Guidestone Farm - a wonderful example of sustained agriculture. Showed them a real live dude ranch, Dude. Well, drove by it anyway. LOL! We saw Benson Sculpture Park where there are 100 different sculptures on permanent display. And of course, we had the obligatory trek in OldTown. Took them through the narrows in the Big Thompson Canyon but we didn't see any bighorn sheep. We did see this fella on our travels, though.

Isn't that just the cutest face? Alpacas have even cuter expressions. We have a lot of llamas in the area. They do great in the high country as pack animals. This guy was at the Buckhorn Llama Company.

Shelina, I had a great time! Hope you like my neck of the woods.

By the time I got home I was all tuckered out. It was my first real outing AC (after cold). Did I mention I have a cold? I hate colds. Yep, I do.

Bear with my whine for a minute, wouldya? This cold has been so bad that I have actually COOKED both my rice bag and my flax seed bag by nuking them over and over. They stunk. Yessir indeedy-do. I opened up the rice bag and I had puffed rice so hard it was like little rice shaped stones. Time to make some new ones. I use muslin for the bag and then make a cover out of flannel. So I was rootleing (do you like that made up word? I do) around in the big Rubbermaid bin that has all my flannels and I found a flannel panel (oooh, that rhymes) I had forgotten about. I figured it had aged enough, so I pressed it, layered it, basted it and am going to quilt it sometime this weekend. It is even appropriate for the harvest season! I'll post a pic when I get it done. I got my bags made too. And they feel so nice against the sinuses. Did I mention I have a cold? I hate colds.

CarGuy has this cold too. But for him it has settled in his ears. I have nothing wrong with my ears, my cold settled in my throat. So picture this: a middle-aged couple sits in their living room watching television in the evening. Sidebar: actually he watches it, she is knitting. The sound on the TV is absolutely earsplitting. Why? Because he can only hear it if it is rattling the windows! He asks her a question. She replies. He looks questioningly at her. She speaks again. Finally, he mutes the television so he can hear her. (I can’t get my voice louder than the TV.) Did I mention he has a cold? I hate colds.

I’m going to sign off now and go listen to the owls hoot. I've never heard them around here before. Definitely more than one.


  1. Love the socks -- very fesitive in color. Sounds like you had a great time with Shelina exploring your neck of the woods. Hope the cold is better soon -- it's no fun to feel miserable.

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    couple-a funnies....

    A. I always wear Birks & socks.
    B. I love Larabars!

  3. Paula, thank you ever so much for showing us the local hangouts and so much of Colorado. It was a pleasure meeting you, and spending time with you. We both had a great time and learned a lot. If you are ever in Ohio, be sure to look us up.