15 October 2006

Socktoberfest update and feeling better...

Bev's sox

I've been loading up on Emergen-C and Echinacea Tea and I feel soooooo much better! In fact, I am even cooking for the first time in a week (or so). I dunno, it's been a while. I'm not saying that I'm fully recovered because I'm not. Like always, this thing has settle in my throat and now I have no voice. Yep, I'm silent except for talking through the keyboard. And of course, CarGuy is making these little jokes, ha ha.

I have a Socktoberfest 2006 update! When the month started I already had these socks on the needles. It's pretty obvious that I've finished them, huh? And I am so glad to be done with that yarn! It is Lion Brand Magic Stripes and feels very coarse and thick when I knit it. The pattern is Parquet Socks. This pair is too big for me so I will be giving them as Christmas presents. I found the pattern a little too complex to be able to sit and just knit. In fact, CarGuy asked me one time if I was mad at him. I looked up in surprise and said that No, I wasn't mad, I was counting. It is one of those patterns you really have to pay attention to or it looks really funny. I stopped the pattern at the ankle and just continued on in stockingknit.

And I started another pair! In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month I've made this pair of Socktoberfest sox: pink. The pattern I'm using is Jaywalker Socks. I've adjusted them to fit my 60 stitch foot. But with this cold, I have not been doing very cognitive thinking. The sock on the needles was knit up to the heel BC (before cold), the heel was turned as the cold was striking and then the next 10 rows after the heel have been done 3!! times. Yikes! I tried to continue in the pattern twice and twice I unknitted it. This time I just decided that to get these socks done I'll just continue on in stockingknit. It's not like I haven't done it before. Yup. That's the ticket. I do like this pattern, though, and will try again when my mind is not dulled by this cold. I have had this Opal yarn for several years and decided that now is the time to use it. It is so much nicer to work with than that other yarn.

Jaywalker sox


  1. Glad you're feeling better -- the first cold of the season always seems to be the worst.

  2. Hi Paula, so sorry to hear you got laid low by the nasty stuff going around. I was down with it for about a week. Sleep was about all I wanted. Glad you are starting to feel better. I understand the cough lingers with this particular bug..I hope not, but the tea may be an excellent idea for awhile.
    I love the socks, especially the second pair. That Opal yarn seems soooo right for October..opal being the birthstone for October babies..*VBS* Great job!! Hugs, Finn

  3. Hope you are back 100% very soon. Your pink socks are interesting - no dpn's! Great job on your knitting projects.



  4. Paula, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm excited to see your socktoberfest work too! I've not tried patterned sox yet, I'm such a chicken!

    I finished my first Charlie Brown looking sock, but think I'm going to do the second one using a #2 dpn, then re-knit the first one. It's just too big and saggy, I could wear it but I wouldn't, lol.

    I've got you bookmarked!

  5. Hey, are those for me??? LOL
    You mentioned big feet....they might fit and I like them! hint hint...lol
    I read this once a week or so, just to check on you. Sorry you were sick and I hope you are better now. BTW, what would you call me if you blogged about me? Earthsister maybe?? I could go with that. :)
    Love ya...