15 November 2006

Drafting a quilt block

You never know when you will need to know how to draft a quilt block. Nadine Ruggles of Dreamweaver Quilts has a podcast and in the latest one she talked about drafting quilt blocks. What a coincidence because today I had to draft a hexagon at work. Yes, at work. My boss was sculpting the soccer ball for his newest piece. What do you see in the pattern? Almost a grandmother's flower garden! The difference is the center: it is a pentagon. I drafted both shapes for him so he could trace around it into the clay. Happy, happy.
Do you know how to draft a quilt block?


  1. Yes, ma'am I do. It is constantly amazing to me how many people cannot think beyond a printed block or pattern. It's a grid most of the time--even I can see that without the math skills. I can use Joen Wolfrom's trick from "Make Any Block Any Size" the old fashioned way or work in EQ.

    Were they impressed at work that YOU could?

  2. I can draft a quilt block. Most of the time I do my designs in Excel. Or I jot notes in my quilting notebook. Don't have EQ and don't plan to get it.

  3. I didn't read this one yesterday. What a wonderful thing you did for him. Never hurts to impress the boss. =) Yes, I draft quilt patterns. I think a lot of the old-time quilters do, but most (not Linda!) who are used to having a program like EQ don't.