17 November 2006


I'm so glad that several of you can draft your own blocks. I have technical illustration in my checkerboard background that has enabled me to draft just about anything. And my boss was a bit impressed that I could do it. Of course, the first words out of my mouth when I saw the pattern was "oh, that looks like a grandmother's flower garden" and he had no clue what I was talking about! LOL.

I haven't done anything quilty this week. But somehow (how did this happen?) I was roped talked into doing some charity knitting (thanks, MagicLady). I was given free yarn, yup free, to use. This is hats (and scarves) for the local homeless shelter and is sponsored by the local yarn shop. All the free yarn has been donated to the LYS. Sew, I sorted out some of the worsted weight acrylic yarn to use because it is actually better for this type of work. I'm actually crocheting this hoody/scarf out of the more feminine colors. I am a much faster, better crocheter than knitter. Remember, I only really knit sox. I've been looking online for a adult-sized crocheted hat pattern to be able to use the darker colors for men. All I've found are feminine things and beanie type double-crochet hats. Anybody got a good crocheted hat pattern that they would be willing to share?

Sidenote: I've noticed that some of this free yarn smells musty and mildewy, like it came from a humid area. Has anyone ever washed yarn before using it? Like in a lingerie bag? Lemmeno.

Tomorrow I am taking a quilting class at the LQS. I'll let you know all about it sometime this weekend. Tonight after work I have some homework prep to do.

OK, every weekday morning I eat oatmeal and raisins for breakfast. Yes, I know how boring that sounds. Have you noticed the lack of quality control on the raisins? I only use a tablespoon, but in that tablespoon there are between 3-12 raisins from which I have to remove the stems. Blechhh.


  1. Kudos to you for your crocheting time. These will be needed and appreciated. I know there was some kind of hat not long ago on one of my lists. I'll see if I can find it.

    I think the golden raisins are in better shape than the darker ones.

  2. Here are 3 I found, maybe one will do?




  3. That last one ends in .html

  4. Hi, Paula !
    This is my first visit to your blog (thanks to Darlene).
    I just wished to tell you that I love your quilts, your knitting your journal paging, AND your sense of humour !
    I'll come back with pleasure (I've put you on my favourites list).

    Have a nice week-end !
    Smiles !
    NADINE in Belgium.