25 November 2006


Bloglines has finally fixed the problem! This is after I contacted them several times. Whew! If your feed isn't working contact Bloglines. They will fix it, but only if they know it's broken.

I've been in the quilting room today cutting. I've been slicing up some fabric into 10.5" squares and then 2.5" strips. Whatever was left over went into the paint buckets. I'm makin' room.

I also decided to throw something away. It was sooooo hard to do. Here's the backstory. Several years ago I decided to do some redwork embroidery. The only fabric I had was a very thin muslin. I did 12 blocks and then serged the edges. Not too straight and all approximately 9-10". After looking at these things and then realizing that the fabric was a poly/cotton, I just decided I did not want to work with this stuff. I wadded it all up and threw it away. And you know what? It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


  1. Sometimes you just have to throw a project away. I did that with the very first quilt I started to make two years ago.

    What are you making with the squares and strips?

  2. I was having a bloglines problem, too. I took your advice, e-mailed them, and now my new posts are showing. Thanks for sharing your solution -- it worked right away *s*

  3. I'm glad you are feeling free. I wish you had sent them to me so I could use them in a quilt for a hero's child. =) Polyester doesn't matter there. Even wonky doesn't matter.

    It's good to move on, though, however you manage it!

  4. There is nothing wrong with tossing your project especially when you feel so liberated for doing it. You did the best you could at the time--now you would make better or different choices. It is part of the process evolving.

  5. YAY! We (you included) all have too many projects to keep those that no longer sing to us for one reason or another!

  6. Hi, Paula,

    Bloglines never picked me up, from day one. That html is only recent, to keep the blog from repeating the title above my banner. It won't let me leave the title blank on my template.

    I'm not worried about it, because people who go around the ring find me, anyway. I'm going to be moving the blog off blogger as soon as I get around to it, so I'm just ignoring bloglines, as it ignores me. =)

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, and for thinking about how to solve the bloglines problem. =)