28 November 2006

Bah Humbug! Power to the People!

Update 12/1/06: After a lot of (national and international) publicity this HOA has backed down on making the homeowners remove their Peace Wreath. In fact, the town of Pagosa Springs, where this incident took place, is erecting their own Peace Wreath! Power to the People! Right On!

This story was on a local DenverTown station last night. I don't know how long this article will be up on their news server. I just can't believe some of these HOAs.

Another thing local HOAs have done is insisting on Kentucky Bluegrass for lawns. Hello? This is a high plains desert in the middle of a drought; Kentucky Bluegrass is a waste of drinking water around here.


  1. some people need to get a life--or a little power mad? sheesh and happy holidays to you--or is that not permitted either? Go ahead and turn me into the PC police.

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Maybe more people need to focus on the good things that can be done for each other. Hmmm I saw another story on that same news channel and YOU were there! Something about knitting for the homeless...

    ...say hi to Karen for me.

  3. I thought "Peace on Earth" was something we were supposed to think about at Christmas. At least that's what Charlie Brown told us. :) Peace.

  4. They can't be serious - it's a peace sign, not a pentagram! HOA's really are a "bad" thing. (It falls into that "a little bit of power" thing...) UGH!

    Grass pedigrees - what the hell?!?

  5. Sheeeeeesh!!

    And this would be why my husband and I refuse to live anyplace that has a homeowners association.

  6. We are working on creating a community association here to help deal with crime and get our proper share of city services, but it is groups like these that make people shy away from associations. Some people just need better things to do with their time. Like maybe knitting socks.