02 November 2006

A Strange Little Quilt

Remember when I said I was teaching a Stack-N-Whack class? Well I made a class sample to show the students that there were other settings besides the attic windows that was in the book.

In the first photo you can see the really ugly fabric I used. I layered 4 identical repeats, cut a 3.5 inch strip, cut 3.5 inch squares and cut those squares in half diagonally. Each stack of triangles is one block.

The second photo shows one of the completed block centers.

Here is the completed quilt. It is small: about crib size. But the fabric is not suitable for a child. The blocks I used were a sawtooth star and puss in the corner. I quilted it in a simple straight line hanging diamond. Here's a close up.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with this. Any suggestions?


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    If you don't want to keep the quilt for demonstration purposes, you could donate it as a doorprize for a charity Poker Run (pun intended).

    A crib-sized quilt can also be used as a lap warmer for some folks.

  2. It is a man's quilt. I could see a college student using it. The idea of donating as door prize is a good one too.

  3. Wow, I don't have any suggestions but it's a great looking quilt.

  4. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Do you have any card shark friends?

  5. Lap quilt for someone in a wheel chair. Charity auction. Or just lap quilt/wall hanging for someone who loves playing cards.

  6. Gosh! That's beautiful. I hadn't seen one done this way and I love the deck of cards fabric. I agree that it would make a great gift for a man or a male college student!

  7. I'm surprised that I didn't post a comment on this quilt Paula. My system must have crashed while I was trying to post it the first time. And apparently I didn't include the proper link to this post when I talked about it on my blog. It's fixed now. How big is this quilt?