03 November 2006

The Switch (updated)

Update Friday afternoon: I made the switch. The only hitch I found was that I had to go to SiteMeter and get the instructions on how to add the counter to the beta. Wasn't that hard really. I've made a couple of comments on blogs here and there. Amy, the second comment on your blog was after the switch.

Now I'm off to explore this new beta. Toodles.


I am going to make the switch from the original blogger to the Beta version sometime this weekend. Just warning you so that if anything messes up please let me know. Ok?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Good - we can "test" your results on Monday.

    (I can't blog on my Mac at home & I am not interested in playing around trying to figure out how to get to be able to blog on my Mac, she is old & I am happy with what she does do.)