04 November 2006

Thanks SharonB

I've been blog surfing this morning and I want to recommend a couple of blogs. SharonB's blog InAMinuteAgo is a wonderful read and I usually follow a lot of her links. SharonB is a textile artist doing wonderful Crazy Quilting. Yesterday there were three posts but it was the one on photography that caught my attention. I followed the link to this post "When Are You Gonna Learn?". Read this post. If, like me, your mind starts to whirl and churn, then it has done it's job. I need to start thinking differently.

It's never to late to learn.


  1. thanks for the link and I am pleased the article made you think

  2. HI Paula!
    I can't reply to your comment on my blog - dang it beta blogger!!!
    So, email me please - RE: SOCKS!!!

  3. Welcome to the Quilting 4 Pleasure blog ring. Nice to meet new people. How are you liking the new beta blogger? I haven't dared to switch yet.

  4. Good article on thinking differently. Thanks for the link. I, too, get caught up in the minutia and mundane details without seeing the bigger picture. Incidentally, I got to your blog following the Quilting 4 Pleasure link and couldn't find the icon on your site--am I missing it? Thanks!