03 November 2006

Quilts and Cars

Since I totally mangled a finger while stitching the infamous Halloween costume and cannot manage anything that requires fine motor skills I thought I'd cut quilt block kits this coming weekend. That will help on my UFO list anyway. I have several things in pizza boxes that can be cut out and put back in the box. It's just another completed step on the matrix.

I need to drop a quilt off at the Long Arm quilter.

On Sunday, I'll be going to Denvertown with CarGuy to visit Auntie. CarGuy accompanying me is a definite switch. I usually go alone. He has a ulterior motive: he wants to go to the hotel where the 2007 Cougar Nationals will be held so he knows where it is and also make a reservation. This car show is apparently held every 2 years.

You know it just dawned on me, that I have never shown you a photo of his very rare baby. This is a 1968 Cougar XR-7G with a 428 Cobra Jet engine. There were only 3 made to these specs and his is the only one left. I hate the color. I wanted him to keep to the original metal-flake gold paint color when he repainted it because I thought the resale value would be higher (the little money grubber that I am). But he is satisfied with the value as it stands. He is hoping to sell it at Cougar Nationals.

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  1. Cool car -- I am a sucker for the cars of the 'muscle car' era *s*