20 November 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone seems to be posting their menu for Thanksgiving Dinner. The menu at our house is pretty standard and simple:
Roasted turkey with homemade herbal stuffing
Mashed garlic potatoes with homemade cream gravy
Tossed garden salad (dressing of your choice)
Pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream
More wine

How many can I expect for dinner?


  1. Hi Paula, boy oh boy, do I LIKE thanksgiving at your house..*VBG* If I get a running start and a good tail wind I might just make it by Thursday..*VBS* If not, will there be leftovers???
    Great menu, and a neat post. I gotta check out your audio clips in the earlier post..sounds neat. And I bookmarked the crocheted hat page..wow..right here in WI. Did you get your October socks finished? Those sure were great colors! Have a happy turkey day(sounds like you will..*G*) Hugs, Finn

  2. yum - herbal stuffing...

  3. Hey Paula, you sound like my kind of girl. caught you on Finn's blog. the word is out!

    I especially would enjoy the "wine" between courses. I am headed to my brother's house. I am known as the WAP girl. I bring the WINE AND PIES!! lol

    enjoy your blog and will add you to my list. hopefully bloglines will find you again really soon.