19 November 2006


Let the church say "Whowah".
What is she talking about? It's an earworm I've had for a couple of days. I like this Indy band called Dallas Heat, a rockabilly blues band from Texas that I don't think is together anymore. This is a line in one of their songs.
Sidebar: I believe there are a couple of audio clips on their website if you are interested.

Anyway. I found it! You know! The crochet hat pattern I was looking for. Check out this pattern! It is perfect for what I am doing: a bit of texture, simple design and workable for both men and women. WHOWAH!

I attended a class at my LQS yesterday. I don't know what possessed me to sign up for this class. It was a faux stained glass using fusible web on the back side of the black 'leading'. You cut out your 'leading' and fuse it onto the front of your focus fabric. There. You have the gist of the whole class. It makes a little wall hanging approximately 30x36": a nice little Christmas gift. This is something that I really could have figured out myself as I like to do this type of thing, but I was there sew I treated it as a social occasion.
Sidebar: I was chatting with my coffee barista before class, wishing him happy birthday and he accidentally? put four (4!) shots of espresso in my Americano! I usually take 2. I was wired for light and sound.

It was nice to see how the teacher treated this hanging mass of black 'leading' by patting and fiddling it into place. The teacher's best tip? Use an Xacto© knife to cut your 'leading'. DOH! what a forehead slapping moment. I have Xacto© knives in just about every room of the house (if I ever have grandbabies I'll have to put them away) and have used them for years. My tip if you are using them for any type of cutting: use a piece of glass instead of a cutting mat. The blade just glides across instead of sticking into the mat even through the fused fabric. I tape the edges of a piece of glass from a picture frame to keep from getting cut.

I decided that I wanted to view a little scene through my window. So at Hobby Lobby I purchased a yard of this meadow print fabric that had gazebos, brick paths and ladies tending their gardens. While working on the wall hanging at the LQS, a gal participating in an all day sew-in was just really taken with my piece. She bought the black fabric and the same pattern and then asked me where I got my focus fabric. For maybe the first time in my life, I was using a very recent fabric so I told her where I got it. You can see it across the back of my chair in the picture. I haven't finished zigzagging the edges yet.

My quilting room looks like a big wind hit it, but I'm just in the middle of several projects. I really should just pick one and work on getting it to the next stage and then move on to the next and the next and the...
Doncha think?


  1. I enjoy seeing other quilter's sewing rooms almost as much as seeing their sewing projects. We can always relate!

  2. Your stained glass is so pretty. I have a kit of an iris that uses bias. So in your way, it looks like the leading will have raw edges on the quilt? I really like the design too, and I have one of these on my to-do list.