08 December 2006

Counting Down for an Advent Calendar

I have 17 winter/holiday brooches. Some I have purchased and some, like these little mittens, I have made. I only need 7 more and then I can make my Advent wallhanging using all my brooches and pins.

It was a challenge that I made for myself many years ago when I worked in cubicleland: to find or make a holiday brooch. Every year I would keep alert for something that could be used as a pin. Last year I found a charm of a pocket angel at a boutique and added a pin back to it. This year was too easy. Ever since last Christmas I have had a very small purple metallic package bow floating around the top of my desk. I don't know why I never tossed it away, but just the other day I looked at it with new eyes. It is now this year's Advent brooch.

I suppose I should start thinking about how these are going to be displayed. My first inclination is to make a wall hanging using a small log cabin block that has a large center square, but where's the fun of opening doors or hanging ornaments on the tree?
Any suggestions?

Update: I posted this and then I saw this post by Heart's Journey and this post by Terry Grant. Hmmm..... the wheels are turning!


  1. In bloggerville, I recently saw an advent calendar that was packages under a tree... So thte boxes could be made to size - smaller boxed for smaller brooches/bigger boxes for bigger brooches.

  2. A friend of mine has a Christmas tree wall hanging made with log cabin blocks, charming! Your brooches would look so cute as ornaments on a LC tree!

  3. As a child, our Advent Calendar was a tree and each pocket below the tree held an ornament. #24 was, of course, the star. I loved adding ornaments each day!!