07 December 2006

My Rug

Finn has been showing us the progress on her crocheted rug. And KCQuilter has been in the crocheted rug loop too. Here's my contribution. It's not crocheted, though. This (2'x3') is what can be made with 6 yards (54" wide) of baby blue doubleknit velour circa 1967.

I remember when I bought this stuff in high school. I was going to make a jumpsuit. Yeah, sure. Never happened. Then I checked this book out of the library on rug making and in there were directions and a line-drawing of an Amish Double Knit Dust Catcher. Pretty simple, really.
  • Cut your fabric into squares. I used 2". BTW, rotary cutters had not been introduced to the masses when I made this little rug.
  • Fold in half diagonally, wrong sides together and place on your receiving fabric. I actually used canvas. (Let's not make this easy on yourself Paula.)
  • Nestle the next folded square slightly on top of the first one and so on. Once you have about 4 or 5 you can start to stitch them down the center and add more as you go.
  • The next row is snugged up to the first row. A Zipper foot helps here.
  • Update: start at one end of the canvas and place the folded edge of the piece at that edge. Slip the next folded square in between the points just a bit so the edge won't catch on the pressure foot. Stich a bit, slip another one in, stitch a bit. It's kinda fiddlely but does make a nice little rug.
This little rug wears like iron! It is about 20+ years old and still going strong.


  1. I made one of these! Mine was double-knit I inherited from my Grandma's stash. PRobably from the same time-era as yours. Makes a wonderful wear-as-iron rug.

    I didn't use 2" squares...mine are more like 3" ones. I always tell people to make a chain of squares from here to South Texas long. Then, you'll have enough. BTW--mine is oval instead of square.

  2. I used to have several of those rugs. They were made by parents of my students. I was teaching Hutterites (a sect similar to Amish) and they always gave me home-made Christmas presents. One of those rugs had something like one inch squares. It made me tired to look at it. Lol. I think they are having trouble finding that fabric nowadays.

  3. How did you sew down the middle? With the machine or by hand? Wouldn't that be quite a thick pile for sewing?

    I really love it, it looks so cushy and comfy.