06 January 2007

Yarn Bowl

Green & Yellow Sox

I just finished another pair of Crazy Woman Sox*. I loved working in the lemon yellow, citrus orange, lime green 100% pure Merino wool. Unfortunately, I did not have enough to make more than a pair of short tube socks. This pair is nestled with the other pair that I've gotten done since the holidaze and are awaiting gifting. The image is really true in color.

Bowl of Yarn

As I put them away, and tossed the leftover yarn ball in with the others, I realized I had an archaeological yarn bowl. Every piece of leftover sock yarn I have is in this bowl. It's a nice fibery decoration in the guest room. What I noticed from this image is the amount left in the different balls. The better quality yarn from the smaller producers have bigger amounts of leftovers. I have plans for this yarn. Stay tuned.

I had to go fabric shopping today. "Yeah, right.", I can hear you say. Really, I had to go! The small quilt group I meet with once a month has started a FQ gifting to the monthly birthday gals. January's like Victorian Florals. Uh huh, like I have any of that! So, off I went to the quilt shop. This shop also houses our guild's library, so while I was there I picked up a couple of books for my reading pleasure. Oh. And a new rotary ruler: one of those Creative Grid rulers. I liked the other one I have and since (for some reason) I've been cutting into my old yellow OmniGrid one I decided it was time for a new one.

*When I started knitting sox people asked, "Are you crazy, woman?" That's what I put on my labels.


  1. The bowl of yarn makes a neat decoration. Can'twait to see what you do with it. I am having trouble with my ruler too. I think they get a bit notched and then the cutter jumps. Hard on the blade and dangerous. I will get a new one too.

  2. Hi there I had to buy a new grid ruler too about a week ago, my old one cracked and it was time for a new one. Colourful yarns are just great to look at..... and you knit? wow...... even though you can do so many things with the sewing machine the computer, nothing beats making and doing things by hand, such as cutting quilting, painting drawing, hand sewing little items, beading,,,.
    Years ago I went on a sign-writing course for two years, all the signs were hand painted then, then along came the computer and hand painters doing signs just werent needed any- more and out of a job.
    So everyone keep doing these lovely hand made things.... even computers cannot do the uniqueness and originality of the item. When you make the same thing over and over again each one is different..