09 February 2007

It's Friday!


What a week of dreary, gray days it has been. The sun has managed to break through the clouds and haze by about 3:00pm each day. It's been chilly but not bone chilling. We've had freezing fog though. Nasty stuff. You can't see it until you're on your bum or in the ditch. Last night we had a skiff of snow, just enough to cover the ice.

I watched a jack rabbit this morning nibbling on the grass at the edges of the stepping stones that lead from the house to the garage. The grass turns green around the edges of the stones first from the heat of the stone, that's if it even goes dormant. Poor rabbit. Everything is still covered in snow and it was having a hard time foraging for food. It was looking pretty skinny. The coyotes are getting a lot of them along with the cold and snow. In fact, the wildlife is coming down out of the high country because of the snow. You just never know what you'll find in your yard.

The church bells are ringing. Every day at noon the digital bells ring 12 bells and then a hymn is played. This is the church next door that serves as the community kitchen for the needy. Once someone called to complain about the hymn and said that it should be some secular song. The pastor was the one that answered the phone and said, "Good God, man! This is a church!"

Want to see a neat picture of a cat? Go here.

Stupid me. I forgot to get a picture of my siggy blocks before I sent them to Cynthia.

The image is of an orphan block that was in the box of 30's scraps and the stringed diamonds I showed in this post. I used a lot of the scraps and this block on a sweatshirt jacket. I know, I know. It seems sacrilegious to use on something as lowly as a sweatshirt jacket but all these 30's scraps were so cheery and every time I wear the jacket I just plain feel good. It lifts my spirits and that is just what I need after a week of gray days.


  1. Paula, what a nice picture you painted of your setting. Fog on top of cold, snow, ice, and gray skies is just too much. That is a pretty block, and I have cross-stitched some sweatshirts so I know how they can make a plain shirt come alive. I have seen instructions on making a sweatshirt a complete work of art - you turn it into a jacket after quilting on it.

  2. Your weather sounds pretty dangerous. We have had lots of bright sunshine but bitterly cold. I think it's better than ice and fog though. Hope you get some sunny days soon.

  3. We LOOOOVE sweatshirt jackets! Not lowly at all, in fact I've been thinking of making another one.

    Don't worry about the rabbits. It's nature's way and they'll make more come spring.

  4. It has been a gray dull week. Your close-up photo of the block made me smile. Be careful out there! Snow fog and ice is no fun.

  5. Well my dear, for not getting a pic of your siggie blocks you'll have to sit in the corner with me; I didn't either! Lets say surprises are fun, ok?

  6. I didn't post a picture of my siggy block either - I am looking forward to the thrill of getting them in a package from Australia and seeing them all at once.

  7. Hey, as far as I can concerned, wearing scraps and pieces of quilting on a sweatshirt is as good as being wrapped up in a quilt full time and it's something you can do in public without looking like you are enroute to ER!

  8. I love the idea of sewing the vintage quilt scraps on a sweatshirt. That's how I can use a lot of the ones I've managed to collect.