11 February 2007

Pick up sticks


Do you remember playing a game called "Pick Up Sticks"? If you don't know what I'm talking about, it is a game that was made of some sticks that resembled bamboo skewers. They were painted various colors and each color had a certain number of points. You held the sticks in a bundle with one end against the floor or table and let go of them. The object of the game was to remove the sticks from the pile one at a time without moving or jarring another stick. The first person with the most points, won. I don't suppose this game is still sold because, after all, the sticks are a dangerous toy.

I mentioned this game because I've been playing my own form of pick up sticks today. I have a Floss Finder; it's a shallow, segmented plastic container for embroidery floss. You wind your floss around these plastic cards and they just fit in the container just so. All my embroidery floss is stored in my floss finder by the number of the color of DMC. Well, the finder ended up side down on the floor this morning. Sigh. Pick up sticks. To make lemonade out the lemons, I took the opportunity to restore then cards in the finder by color rather than number. I figured that I would use the floss by color more often than by number since I no longer do these intricate counted cross-stitch pieces.

I keep my 2.5" leader/ender squares in another plastic container just to the right of my sewing machine. On one side are the lights and on the other side are the darks. Yep, You guessed it. My leader/ender squares ended up in the trash can I keep right there. Upside down. Sigh. I picked all the random threads off them as I took them out and resorted by light and dark. What are the odds that I'd do that twice in one day?


  1. I remember that game. Use to play it a lot when I was a child. I can imagine you when your flossfinder ended upside down on the floor. How many points did you get ???? Looking forward to get one of your siggies too.

  2. At keast your pick up sticks are more colorful than the old ones :-) (and they are still sold, at least at the $ store. My daughter got one as a party favor this year, and the sticks are in fact darn sharp!)

  3. Oh how horrible! It is fun to do if you do it voluntarily, to personally examine all your scraps or floss, but not like that. I remember when Sushi dropped my coupon box at the grocery store. It was really hard not to cry in public over a box of paper! I had just finished organizing a couple of months backlog.

  4. There are days and then there are days. Sounds like you've got things back in order. Want to come help me? I'm not very good at it. I'd forgoten about pick up sticks. Thanks for the memory.

  5. I remember pick up sticks - used to love it! Now if you've dropped 2 things today, I'd hurry up and drop another quickly .... these things tend to happen in threes :(