23 February 2007

Reporting In on Friday

Really, I have no quilty news. Oh, other than last Sunday I spent the day in front of the telly removing paper from paper foundation pieced string blocks while I watched the Daytona 500 car race. Not that I'm into NASCAR. I'm not. I don't know why I watched the roundy-round. ????

The quilt? It was Banana-fana. All 110x110" of it. Now I need to trim it up, piece the backing, buy some batting and then get it over to my LA quilter.

I cut too many of the setting squares, so I now have added an appliqué quilt to my list. I had 9 extra squares, so I cut 3 more. I found a Block of the Month online called Birthday Blossoms by Jeanne R. Prue. It started in January, so I'm not too far behind; they seem to be fairly simple blocks so I should be able to catch up.

I've picked up the pointy sticks again and am just about to finish up the second sock of a pair made with this yarn (color: Soft Jazz). The color reminds me of a Seal Point Siamese or a Himalayan cat with their beautiful coloring. I've browsed through my yarn stash and I am really making a dent in the sock yarns. But I have a lot left too. And let's not forget the now discontinued DK weight Wool Ease. I have enough of that for several vests.

I just repaired a pair of snowboarding pants. The 'boarder was very appreciative. And I've been asked to knit a pair of these mitts for someone with MS whose hands are like ice cubes. So I stopped at the LYS and picked up some of this yarn. It's 50% Merino Wool/25% Alpaca/25% Nylon. I got the dark blue. I knew I wanted something with Alpaca in it because Alpaca is so warm and cozy. I hope she likes them.

We've had some fierce snow melting going on. Yipee! But now our dirt road is a mud road. And I just can't keep the car clean. *sigh*


  1. Wow, you've been doing a lot! I'm going to go look at the Birthday Blossoms in a minute. As for NASCAR, I think there's something calming and mesmerizing about watching, or listenting to, cars going round and round the track!

  2. What''s a Banana-rama quilt? I like the name. I don't watch a lot of car racing, but I like to watch the big races - Daytona 500, Indy 500. I prefer football and baseball, but we're between seasons right now.

  3. Back in the late 70's I got to see a NASCAR event in person - very exciting. I have a friend whose dad was a racer and we got to watch from inside the oval. After that watching tv has never been the same.

  4. Sounds like you hav e been busy, and plan to stay that way. You definitely shouldn't have shown me the Birthday Blossoms quilt. I already have three applique quilts in the works!

  5. I love the block of the month. It'll be something you can use anytime of the year.