06 March 2007

Goodies from Vegas


O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street, Oh please let it be for me!

Do you remember that musical 'The Music Man'? and the little boy (played by Ron Howard, BTW) singing that song? That's the way I felt today. The package containing my fabrics from Vegas came!

Well not only fabrics as you can see. There was a book and a skein of Noro.

The second fabric down is a very light batik. I've been looking for something for a quite a while that I liked so I could use the other batiks I've collected over the years. The bottom fabric is from Benartex and is a very large (about 9") rose. I have great plans for that beauty! The b&w is just because I can't resist. The others (except for the polka dots) is for the ethnic quilt I'm planning. The overall feel of these is organic and a couple of them even look like grasses.

And the polka dots? Magic Lady, that is the focus fabric for our challenge. I figured the colors would challenge me and the polka dots would challenge you.

To my faithful readers: Have I piqued your interest on the challenge? I'll have to find out if I can post the guidelines. :>)


  1. Now that looks like a jackpot!

    That little Ron Howard - wasn't he adorable? Now he's a grandpa.

  2. Awesome jackpot. I've been collecting polka dot fabric for a quilt myself. Have fun with your polka dots.

  3. What a great haul of fabrics. My fav is the polka dots :)

  4. Hi Paula -- I switched bloggers and have been having trouble commenting but I wanted you to know that I am still reading your blog.
    By the way. the Landscape book in your blog - I have been thinking about getting it. Do you like it?