08 March 2007

Potpourri # eleventyone

  • Cute isn't it? Not too bad of a photo considering I took it with my cell phone.
  • After several hours of work, the Banana-fana flimsy is pressed & starched flat and all extraneous threads have been removed. Whew! what a job. Next thing to do is to piece the backing. I had to purchase a batt because I didn't have anything big enough. Boy are king-sized batts (121"x121") expensive!
  • Here's a photo website for you: Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. These quilts are from their collaborative book.
  • Any Scrabble players out there? Here's a 20 point word for you (depending on where the tiles land it could be more): xeriscape. If you are into xeriscapes then you need to go the High Country Garden's website. In the sidebar on the left side click on Gardens. Here you will find some pre-planned gardens. How nice, David takes all the design work out of it. Of course, if you're like me, you want to add this plant and then that plant. It's a good thing, then, that these gardens vaguely resemble a cottage garden. I already have one xeriscape and am working on another. You see, I live in a high plains desert and am essentially a lazy gardener. Of course, don't tell my friends Grimey and Plantwoman.
  • Do y'all (I like that word) watch your blog stats? Do you even have any? I have a Picturetrail.com site that hosts my photos and I get a weekly image viewing stat email. This week I had over 600 hits on my Las Vegas Fremont Street image. And the one of the flower quilt in the same post was even higher. Yesterday's post only generated 67 hits on the image. I also have a Sitemeter account that gives me stats of where people come into my blog from, how long they stay, etc. What does all this mean? I dunno, but it sure satisfies my curiosity.
  • Oh! and remember this post The Quilter: What I've been up to lately? I've found a solution to my problem. I've been visiting a masseuse. She has been doing a ton of upper body work. It seems my problem is actually around my collar bones. Think of it this way: when I type, I hunch; when I knit, I hunch; when I sew, I hunch. Everything from my shoulders down has gotten foreshortened. Along with the muscle therapy, I'm doing some exercises and trying to remember to bring my shoulders back, my stomach in and my head high. Posture, posture, posture. I need to remember this.


  1. Oh my, you surely don't think I remember everything you said in your post do you? I prefer popup windows for comments, although I'm sure some people's computers cause havoc with it.
    Congratulations on the $ on the vehicle, and the purchase of a new one.
    The collaborative quilting site was great. I really like how people can freely make their quilts that way - but I do have to admit that while I admire them from afar, I don't think I could give such a bright and free quilt to my family members or even keep one for myself. It just clash!
    Hmm, I wouldn't have thought shoulders. Glad you figured it out. Are you sitting up striaght?
    Let's see, there was something else, oh yes, I do check my blogger stats. See if my popularity went up or down. When it goes down, it makes me think people didn't like what I was showing, which of course, isn't true, cause if they don't see if, they don't know if they like it or not.

  2. That's a good lookin' coupe (I like to pronounce it koo-pay, just like Bogart did in the old movies *s*)

    Remembering posture is a difficult thing. I try, but seems like I'm quickly slumped again. At least I try -- that's what I tell myself anyway.

  3. Have fun with your blogger stats with me...I left my computer on your site because it wasn't loading and I went off to do something else, forgot the computer was even on and came back much, much later. It was a veeery long time. So, keep in mind, the car might be in the driveway, but there might not be anyone behind the wheel :)