31 March 2007

Speaking of color...

I woke up early. I like these early, early morning times occasionally, because it is quiet and I can concentrate. This morning I ended up in the sewing studio. Before bed last night, I had been pulling fabric for my challenge quilt.
    Side note: I have my design sketched and the techniques chosen. I'm keeping this fairly simple because of the restrictions guidelines.
This morning I went in and studied what I had pulled last night. All fine and dandy but it was boring. I had pulled colors that were in the focus fabric. Dull, boring, blah. Out came my mental color wheel: aha! I went to the stash and on the first pull I got what was needed. (How 'bout that?) I laid the fabric with the others and a "Wow!" escaped my lips. I have all my fabrics! Let the sewing begin!

I've got a busy day ahead of me: helping a friend do a 'Jinny Beyer' type mitered border, picking up Banana-fana from Quilted Expressions and attending a retirement party for a friend. Fun!

Oh, and here is another pic of Frances that shows the quilting. Scroll down.


  1. Quilted Expressions has certainly done a beautiful job on the quilting.

    Sounds like you are still busy quilting -- too bad you had to go back to work -- that gosh darn work should be banned it gets in the way of everything :))

  2. Frances is a beautiful quilt with beautiful quilting.
    I did that too - change the fabric selection for my quilt, and I too am excited about making this quilt, and earning that $200,000. I tried to blog about it, but all my posts disappeared. Hopefully they will reappear soon.

  3. Isn't it the best feeling when inspiration and reality join forces and you're suddenly made aware that you have what you need and you're good to go? Aha. Frances is too gorgeous for words.

  4. We have to trust our instincts and not go along with we think is safe. Sometimes I think the ranges of fabrics that all match up do us a diservice, as they encourage us to be a bit bland sometimes. Go for it - what's the worst that can happen? There is plenty more fabric in the stash!

  5. As always, I loved reading your blog post. I enjoyed the link to see Frances. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. That is beautiful quilting. Pretty quilt as well.

  7. The quilting on Frances is beautiful! I've never done a fan quilt, but this one inspires me.