19 April 2007

Siggys are here!

My beautiful, wonderful siggys arrived from Australia today! I had just enough time to slap them on my design wall (no arranging yet) and take the picture. Aren't they wonderful?

BTW, I still have 2 left if anyone would like to swap. Just email me.


  1. The siggies look wonderful! I can't wait to see how you set them. Those
    packages make the best mail days!

  2. Hi, Paula! Well, your siggies must have arrived just after you left your message on my blog:-) And YES! they are wonderful! I bet we all will have lots of fun playing with them :-D And it will be fun to see the different quilts they will make into:-)

  3. All the siggie blocks are great. It will be fun to see how people put them together.

  4. What fun, can't wait to see what kind of quilt you make with these.
    I like the 'pair' of triangles on each side vs. just one HST...really changes the look of that little block.
    Glad you have regained power! Hugs, Finn

  5. Those siggies look great just the way you have them up, I like the asymetrical nature of it.

  6. So many of you have gotten your squishy packages - I sure hope mine come soon! I'm really feeling left out! I get so paranoid and start to worry about where mine could be and why they aren't here yet. Hopefully Monday!