25 April 2007

Wednesday check in

Hi all! I'm just checking in to let you know I'm still here. I've been doing other things.
  • A major thing is duping all my VHS video tapes to DVD (I'm trying to make some space and declutter). These are personal videos and things that are so old they didn't have the protection on them to keep you from duping them.
  • Another major thing I've been doing is culling the stash. Yes, you heard right. I've been refolding fabric and as I handle each piece I decide if I want to keep it or not. I've got a very large pile that will be going to the guild's charity fabric stash. I also have a bit of room on the stash shelves too.
  • I've also gotten some blocks done for the challenge quilt. Unfortunately, my one fabric choice stunk and so now I'm looking at either frogging it (NOT) or just using the block on the backside. Can you guess which I'll do? I have to use them in some way because I have a half yard of the focus fabric in it and can't throw them away as I don't have any more.
  • I woke up this morning and my forearms looked like Popeye's! Thanks to a new lotion I broke out in hives. Ugh. The new lotion is now in the trash.
  • I'm going to be busy going around to the assisted living and independent living places in the area. Auntie said she is willing to move so now I've got my work ahead of me.
  • O and have you heard of our flooding snow? Yep. North Denver-town had rain and south Denver-town had 18 inches of snow. And there's flooding along the Platte River.


  1. Sounds like a seriously busy week so far. I admire your ability to cull stash. I know I need to do some of that myself, but I just can't seem to find the fortitude.

  2. It feels good to clean out and get things done, a weight lifted I bet. Can't wait to see your challenge quilt.

  3. Busy days for sure. The weather is just odd everywhere. Ours is positively bipolar - one day it's warm, sunny and bright and the next dark, gray and cold.

  4. I too am attempting to copy vhs on dvd. The kids were little and we want to save the tapes before they deteriorate. I'm still trying to figure out the machine and editing, etc. We just bought a new combo recorder.

  5. I need to copy VHS tapes, i's one of those things I've back burnered, but it can't stay there forever. Flooding snow? Well, I'd look for a place for Auntie that's on high ground! I admire your courage in culling the stash! I feel compelled to use most everything but then sometimes I just 'have to' donate some, too. I know I can't keep it all; nor would I want to... ;)

  6. Well, there you are! I've been missing you. Nice to "see" you.


  7. Yikes, that is some serious weather differences!

    Also Yikes that you have blocks done on the challenge quilt. I haven't started cutting yet. I was going to do it today, since I have beige thread in the sewing machine, but now I have to chauffer the kidlet around.