27 April 2007

Potpourri # eleventytwo

Because a post without a photo is blah here's a photo taken from in front of the studio. We have these wonderful planters up and down main street and this one has a great mixture of spring color. Notice the blush of pink in that one tulip? Speaking of pink, I woke up early this morning and ended up in the sewing room sorting and folding more fabric. There was this one 3-yard piece of solid dusty pink - a hold over from the 1980's. So I'm looking at that thinking I'm never going to use this, I wonder what it would look like over dyed? Which in turn made me think about what color fabric was 'under' this color, you know, like black fabrics. So I snipped a piece of it off and poured some bleach on it. Guess what color it was? Pink! but a pure pink not that ugly stuff from 2 decades ago. I'll be playing with this over the weekend, I bet.

I've been following along with Nancy as she cleans her sewing room so this sudden spurt of cleaning in my sewing room is all her fault! Simplesparrow has been cleaning and organizing too. I tried to take pictures this morning but none of them was really interesting. I do recommend this type of fabric fondling, especially if you are in the Stashbusters Ring. This has renewed my resolve to use the stash. I have actually pulled several things and set them aside for quilts. How about two different quilts using ethnic fabrics? One African and one Australian aboriginal. What was I thinking????

I just checked my bloglines and there are over 208 POSTS!! on the rings I normally read! Wow! Everybody must be back from the major quilt shows, huh? If you don't hear from me this weekend you'll know why.

I was tagged by Dale Anne over at My Creative Ramblings so here are my 7 little known facts:
  1. I have a motorcycle license. No motorcycle but I am legal to drive one. It's a hold over from when we did have a motorcycle.
  2. I can hear the mosquito ring tones the kids like to use. It actually hurts my ears. Conversely, I have a hard time hearing bass tones (like CarGuy's voice). And loud noises are not great either.
  3. I didn't have a best friend until I was a newlywed. If she didn't live in Wyoming, PlantWoman and I would be inseparable.
  4. I have lived in South Carolina and Florida but have never even visited the northeast US states. How sad is that? I would love to see New England in the fall. We don't get that kind of color out here in the west.
  5. And speaking of the west, I am a fourth generation Colorado pioneer descendant. TheKid is the fifth generation. We should get an award or something since we are still in Colorado and haven't moved.
  6. I love organization. In fact, upon my first retirement, I contemplated starting my own organization business. I am ruthless about this type of thing. It comes from my background, I suppose. As a child, we moved a lot. There were weight limits, so you chose what to take and what to leave behind.
  7. I am bored with cooking. I wish I had a personal chef or maybe eat out all the time. CarGuy hates change so I cook the same things over and over. Bah. I want to experiment and try new recipes.


  1. It will be fun to see what your pink fabric turns into next.

  2. Well, Paula, I'd LOVE to have you come to organize my studio for me.....FREE FABRIC

  3. Good list...I, too, am WAY behind in reading. Connie

  4. You and I would be a formidable team on #6. Maybe I should add clorox to all my twenty year old fabrics to renew interest? I have a few...

  5. I think bloglines was slow in updating, since it looked like I had two new posts, and I haven't posted anything today. I've got a bunch of reading to do too. I was already behind.

    I had the opposite reaction to my stash. I went looking for a green to bind a small quilt, and couldn't find one. I got to fondle lots of fabric, but now I want more!

    I like organization too, but I don't generally spend any time on it, because something else always comes up.

    Sushi has a limited # of things she will eat too. I too am tired of the same old. A lot of times I will make something new for me, and she will have to fend for herself with cereal or a frozen meal.