11 May 2007

Lighten Up!


Ok. I am setting this goal down on (virtual) paper. My one goal for 2007 is to lighten up. Now you may think this is a bit ambiguous, but if you stop to think about it there are several ways to look at it.

On the one hand, it could mean to lose weight. Yes, I do need to do that; and I know that a combination of diet and exercise will accomplish it.

On another, how about getting rid of baggage? You know the stuff I mean: that stack of catalogs in the corner. How about that 3 yards of ugly fabric. Or on a smaller scale there's the paper detritus of everyday life: the receipt from the market cluttering up the wallet, the newspapers spread out on the floor, the clipped recipe meant to be tried 'one day'.

Or it could be like that popular phrase from the late 1960's to "lighten up" or quit being so serious.

When I started this post, I was defining it as the weight in the bag I carry around daily. I don't really carry a bag, I carry a backpack. Yep, I do. What's inside?

a book or other reading matter
a very large day planner/calendar
pencil bag containing colored pencils, glue stick, pen, straight edge, scissors, eraser
digital camera and USB cable
cell phone
small cosmetic bag containing tissues, aspirin, comb, cosmetics

Oh my! It's no wonder my back hurts!

I have already started lightening the load by switching to a smaller bag. This in turn has made me lose some of the weight I carry around in it. I no longer carry a whole entertainment center with me, LOL!. The iPod now stays home. And it is just one thing: reading or knitting. I can't give up my sketchbook, though I did lighten up by removing the pencil bag and only using an ink pen. I've been wanting to try shading by using texture such as lines or cross hatching.

In late December, I bought a 2007 calendar. Instead of a 6x8" 3-ring binder (whew) I now have a 4x6" small, thin spiral calendar.

I changed cell phones. The new one plays music (if I so wish) and has a camera too. Not the same quality as the digital camera but it will work in a pinch.

It's a start.


  1. LOL! I could join you in lightening up using ALL your definitions. good luck to you.

  2. It came to me several years back that the larger the bag the more my family asked me to carry. Now I carry a smaller, but unisex bag. Now we can take turns which has also lightened the load. With the advent of the debit card - I now often only carry a small wallet that will hold my cell phone which happens to be a camera and mp3 player, too.
    Now to my diet . . . *s*

  3. Hello !! If you have pain on your body , you must carry a bag on your shoulders , like de kids , and dou some exercises for your muskels . if not , could´t sew .... Hug,s Vero

  4. I have most of that stuff in mine too, though no ipod, or usb cable.
    I do however have a small flashlight, and a jacknife, along with a tape measure. I was never a girl scout, but I liked the motto "be prepared" wait, that was boy scouts wasn't it?
    I tried changing to purses, (quilted by me of course) and that helped, but then I need to carry a tote bag around with all that stuff that didn't fit in the purse. Of course I love making quilted tote bags too........
    gosh, I am no help what-so-ever!!

  5. Good luck to you. I only carry a few things in a small purse. There are so many hidden benefits that came from simplifying my life.

  6. I've been "lightening up" for the past two years. Have worked very hard on "downsizing and simplifying" my life. I've got rid of so much stuff and clutter and I don't miss it.

    It's amazing how much real clutter - whether in your home, your car or simply your purse can "clutter" your mind.

    I agree "lighten up".

  7. Good for you for already working on accomplishing your goal. I've been trying to lighten up too - I believe it was my New Year's resolution this year and last. I just made plans with my sister to have a yard sale in June, so I'm with you on this challenge!

  8. Good Plan! And amazing what gets into our bags isn't it. Good luck with the process and getting it done.

  9. Great plan, I started on my own version a year ago -- but still have a ways to go. I may join you in your pledge!

  10. Yep I agree "lighten up". I carry a small purse but usually have another bag for stitching stuff but keep it simple.

  11. Hmm - for some reason your new post won't let me comment.

    Very cute little coaster - that's a great for strips of fabric -- you are very crafty, and so is Finn :))

  12. Lighten up seems to be a mantra right now in blogland. Nicole wrote about cleaning out her closets and inspired me to do the same; am on the verge of tackling my stash next. Good luck . . . .