21 May 2007

More on the postcards

I got so many responses and questions that I thought I do another post to answer everyone at once.

The guild's challenge has a very loose set of parameters: just make a fiber postcard sized 4 inches by 6 inches to be returned to the maker at the end of the meeting. The cards will be displayed that night during the meeting. People may vote for their favorite postcard by placing 25 cents which equals one vote in the appropriate jars. You may vote for more then one and you may vote often. The winners will be determined by the postcards which receive the most votes. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners. Money raised will go to Community Service to purchase backings for the charity quilts.

The first one I made was Aspen Glow (the tree one). I had a lot of leftover fabric from the quilt in this post that already had fusible web on the back. I freehand cut the trunks of the trees and all those teeny, tiny leaves. I used some black tulle on top to keep it together.

The second one, Chickadee, is also made with more of the leftovers. This one is also entirely cut free-hand: just my scissors and the fabric. Because the pieces were a bit bigger, I was able to keep them fused down. I quilted through each piece of fabric at least once.

The third one, Through the Gate, is made with leftovers from the quilted wallhanging in this post. I didn't have a piece big enough of the garden fabric leftover so I pieced it together by fusing. The gate drawn on the back of the paper-backed fusible and then ironed to the black fabric I cut the black fabric out using a craft knife, like Xacto knife, and then fused the gate over the house and flower garden. I then did an almost satin stitch over the bars of the gate.

I hope this answers some of the questions.

O, BTW, I'm going to take 2: the Chickadee and the Gate.


  1. All three postcards are great. Thanks for the information on how you made them. Our guild is having a postcard challenge as well and I have the little starter kit somewhere - I just can't find anything now that I have moved my quilt room! But I was hoping to do it - I have made a postcards yet.

  2. Don't forget your roll of quarters! LOL! I've been meaning to write about quilt show challenges but haven't yet--maybe one of these days soon.

  3. Good Luck - be sure to let us know how you do!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I love these postcards and see them everywhere these days but as of yet, haven't made one. I've set aside some scraps from recent projects to do a few, though. At least that's the plan! Well done, Paula!

  5. Oh, and by the way--the quarters thing? I really DIDN'T mean to say you would have to BUY your way into a win! ROFLOL!

  6. Hi Paula, just had to pop over after reading your comment and says 'thanks'...I love that one. Haven't heard it before, but am going to adopt it as it totally fits my 'ambling' life style. No hurry to get anywhere, that's me..*G*
    Love the ATC or post if you must. They are awesome, and so very maverick and creative. Great job on recycling also. I approve your final choices, altho all of them are great! I had wondered if we might not be kindred spirits..and now I know..*VBS* Happy creating, Hugs, Finn

  7. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Birdie. Ok, I will put quarters in my purse for the vote on June 4.

    Wanna carpool?

    Quilty Friend