13 June 2007

No Quilt Show Photos Today

I'm taking a break until the weekend.

I've also put away the knitting needles for the summer. I just don't feel inspired to knit right now. I am sewing, though. I am concurrently working on two different projects.

1) the ubiquitous challenge quilt (ha! I've always wanted to use that word in a sentence!) that I actually purchased border fabric for during lunch today. I suppose I should tell you that the majority of the focus fabric is going to end up on the back because it just isn't going to work on the front. If fact, it is almost going to be a reversible quilt. So far I've
  • made 6 Lady of the Lake blocks and then un-stitched them.
  • used the focus fabric from the Lady of the Lake blocks to make 1 or 2 free-form letters and then decided that the technique really isn't me.
  • pulled countless fabrics to use and then thrown them on the floor in disgust.
  • painted a piece of fabric to use as the background on the front that I absolutely love.
  • bought a piece of batik for my borders (I should mention that I am only going to have 2.5 borders)
  • found a complementary fabric in my stash to work with the focus fabric on the back (how about that!)
2) Ah, the other project is a small sampler. It will be a bit different in that all the 4" blocks are the same pattern: a small red heart on a white background. What makes it a sampler is that each heart is done using a different appliqué technique. I started out using Elly Sienkiewicz's book, Appliqué 12 Easy Ways. It is just the first project in the book. As I have been working on my little blocks other ways to appliqué keep popping into my head. I believe I now have somewhere near 25 different appliqué techniques to try.

I'll keep you updated.


  1. I see you are from Colorado. Many, many years ago I was born and raised in Leadville. Still have family there so get back every now and then.

    From the sounds of this post you are going to be pretty busy. Have fun and post some pictures for us.

  2. It's a great word to use Paula..... maybe not even strong enough for Challenges eh. Guess that's why they are so called!

  3. Sounds like the Challenge quilt has become a bit of a challenge lol.

    Looking forward to seeing it unveiled :))

  4. Hmmm - Is it good you got to handle your fabric? It will come - you are very creative and something will just pop into your head when you least expect it!!

  5. This is why I have never tried a challenge . . . far too challenging *s* For me it is often all I can do to get my machine threaded properly.

  6. That is a great word! It's fun to say too!

  7. Wow, you've done a lot of work for the challenge quilt. Somehow I remember you using the word "simple" when you were first talking about your plans.
    Mine is behaving so far, now that I have remembered the layout. I wanted to keep it on the design floor for piecing, but I was expecting company. He didn't show, so I put it away for nothing. There are fewer pieces now so hopefully I will remember next time.
    The applique sampler sounds very intriguing. You must be sure to let us know the pros and cons of the different techniques.

  8. I didn't know there was so many ways to applique. I've found my favourite using freezer paper and liquid starch. Works great for me.

  9. Not only did you use the word, you spelled it, too! I agree with Laurie Ann, it's fun to say as well. I can't even imagine 25 different applique methods. I'm eager to see what they may be...