11 June 2007

Quilt Show - Stitchery

I thought I'd do the embroidery and stitchery next. This cute little bluework Dutch Girl stitchery just shines in the center of the star blocks on this quilt. This monochromatic quilt was quite peaceful.

Unlike this quilt. No imagination on the setting. Can you visualize what these counted cross stitches of the seasons would look like as the centers of over sized stars? With a bit more contrast in the border, too, this quilt could have been very lovely.

This quilt stole my heart. Why? It's because of this post: Auntie's Flowers. These flower block patterns were from the local newspaper in the 1930s. I have two complete sets of these flowers, one of which has been made into the quilt in my previous post. The quiltmaker of this one said she had found a very tattered top at a sale and purchased it. She took the old quilt apart, made a new quilt using the old quilt as a pattern, inserting the stitched flower blocks from the old quilt into the new one.

Isn't this a stunning redwork quilt? The blocks depict flowers, fruit, wreaths, teapots and nursery rhymes. I didn't even notice the border when I took the photo and now wish I had seen it. What I can see of it, make me wish I had studied it closer. The maker has colored in some of the blocks but not overwhelmingly.

This is a very patriotic redwork quilt. This block depicts Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, who was in office from 1901-1909. To the left you can see a portion of a stitched White House block and to the right a portion of a stitched Eagle. All the blocks in this quilt were patriotic.

The last quilt in Part Deux is the only crazy quilt in the show. Made by Bertha Black, Indianola, Iowa. It took 5 years to make (1890-1895) while Bertha was teaching school. All the fancy embroidery was done with wool. See those yellow catkin-type things? It's Turkey Work; you can find a lovely example here on SharonB's site "InAMinuteAgo". The fabrics in this antique quilt were mainly woolens with some velvets.

I hope you enjoyed the second part in this Quilt Show series.


  1. Thank you Paula. I have enjoyed both parts of the Quilt Show series. I look forward to seeing more. I really like the bluework too in the first picture, and the crazy quilt, since I'd like to make one of those.

  2. It's hard for me to single out a favorite. I am a sucker for Americana - but the colored redwork is so detailed. Wow.

  3. It might be a toss up - I always like monochromatic - especially blue, but I really like that Iris too!

  4. Thanks for taking us along to see more of the show, the quilts are fabulous.

  5. What fun quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lovely quilts! I especially like the red work and the bit of colouring here and there just to break up the sameness in the quilt. The border looks interesting and so unlike anything I've seen.