21 June 2007

Quilt Show - Applique and Hexagons

Rose Kit Closeup
I thought I'd continue with the Berthoud Outdoor Quilt Show. I was going to put the appliqué quilt in with the stitchery quilts but I forgot. So here it is nestling in with the hexagon quilts. A shot of the whole quilt is here. It's a very pretty, feminine kit quilt from either the 1930's or 1940's. I have actually completed one that is very similar and will show that in a later post.

I love Grandmother Flower Garden quilts and have made two of them already. I know, I know it is so very OCD. But they are a great take along project. I have collected pictures of settings and I am very interested in how they are quilted. So I was excited to see two new GFG quilts. The quilting in the first one follows the flowers and is the more common quilting pattern for a GFG. I never thought of making diamonds instead of flowers! And I love how it is appliqued onto the border and then channel quilted.

GFG-traditionalThis second one is a traditional GFG with the yellow center, surrounded by the solid colored fabric, and then a round of the print, and then white as the outside round. What I really liked about this quilt was the four rows of borders. Notice the three different greens? O and then the quilting! This quiltmaker quilted in a zig-zag on the diagonal. I have never seen this type of quilting on a GFG.

Did you notice that these were all similar in color?

On the AC issue: it's still broken. Blech! The thing is between 20-30 years old and when one thing gets fixed something else breaks. Really, the whole system needs to be replaced. Today is supposed to be in the triple digits. Can we say hot? I'm melting. The clay is melting. I can't wait to be at home in my wonderfully cool, basement sewing room.

Happy Summer Solstice!


  1. My first GFG was going to be stars...

  2. ciao paula
    Thank you for the pictures.
    If you'd like to see a "grandmother's garden" look in my blog the post of 13th of May.
    ciao, ciao

  3. More beautiful quilts. If you plan on making any of them, please let me know, so I can buy some stock in a thread company! That first one looks like it would use bunches!

    I do hope you get your AC replaced. Seems to me that it would be cheaper in the long run to replace it rather than continuing to try to fix it. Maybe recycle the metal to recoup some of the costs.

  4. OOh I love the GFG with the diamonds instead of the traditional. I hope your AC gets taken care of soon. I think I'd be fainting on a day like today in the triple digits! Take care.

  5. Paula, Thank you for posting the GFG done in a diamond design! I simply love it! Earlier today I finally got around to purchasing some hexagon templates,and I'm so excited to begin. I'd never seen the diamond design, and the timing of your post was perfect.
    I hope your work AC gets fixed properly quickly!

  6. What lovely quilts! Hope that AC gets fixed soon -- we're having a short break here from nasty heat but it's on its way back. Ouch!

  7. Great pictures. I like the diamond Grandmothers flower garden. I have never seen one done like that, very nice, different and striking.

    I hope your air conditioner is fixed soon. My Canadian brain couldn't at first figure out what you meant by the temp going into triple digits -- duh! Hope you get relief soon :))

  8. Look what happened when I was away *s* I love the GFG's both looking and making. The one I'm currently working on has diamonds in it. It may take the rest of my life to get done but it will be worth it in the end.
    Hope you are all cooled down now.

  9. Would love to have this pattern of the GFG using the diamonds. Where did you get your pattern for it ?