22 June 2007

Quilt Show - More Miscellaneous

Colorado Medallion
This quilt has Colorado written all over it and could almost have been a round robin. Starting in the center, I could swear the satin stitched landscape is a depiction of the Maroon Bells up by Aspen, Colorado. Any other Coloradoans care to comment? Surrounding it is a border of appliquéd aspen leaves and then a border of Delectable Mountain blocks. The tall pine tree blocks make me think of lodge pole pines and in the corners, Colorado's state flower, the columbine, is appliquéd. The outside border is another pieced border and is a star block with an orange center. Overall, it has a nice visual flavor to it.

This quilt is machine appliquéd. But think how exciting it would be to have the sky pieced so you couldn't see that ridge where the shaft of sun is hitting the quilt in the upper left hand corner. The horse and the distant hills are finished edged machine appliqué and all the vegetation is raw edged appliqué. It's a nice blend of appliqué techniques.


  1. Love the Colorado quilt!

  2. These are both great quilts Paula. I think I like the horse one better, because it is farther away from my skill level.

  3. Those are just gorgeous!!

  4. They are both just beautiful.

  5. Oooh, more lovely eye candy -- thanks!