27 June 2007

WIP Wednesday - June 27

Hi all, I just thought I'd check in with a work in progress. Actually I am working on three (3!) different projects. A multi-tasking extraordinare, that's me!

I was recently asked to be a needlework judge for one of the regional county fairs. This would be for the 4H kids. As much as I would have liked to do it, I am stretched pretty thin at the moment what with trying to find assisted living for Auntie while still working and having some semblance of a home life. I am thinking of approaching the person who asked me to see if they would consider me for next summer. And in case you were wondering how I could be working on three projects? Well, they are all at the handwork stage.

The first picture actually shows two of my projects. I suppose you recognize the Challenge focus fabric in use in the basket, hmm? I am preparing some appliqué pieces ala Sharon Schamber. The other piece pictured is a class project from an applique class I took LAST June with Suzanne Marshall. Of course, I put my spin on it by changing the colors. Actually, I just grabbed leftovers from a project that I had just completed.

Remember I mentioned something in a previous post about appliquéing 24 different ways? Well, here is a sneak peek in the second photo. You can see some of the hearts showing through. Each heart is cross-referenced to information that I printed out on one of those treated fabric sheets that you can run through the printer. The bad thing? This sheet is not washable, but I did spray it with some workable fixative. I don't plan on washing this anyway, so maybe it's a moot point. When I post about this piece I'll list the index for you. OK?


  1. Hi Paula, just popping in to say "hi" and see how things are in Colorado..*VBS*
    Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy with 3 projects going. Summer is a great time for handwork tho. I look forward to seeing what you've been up to. Hugs, Finn

  2. I have been curious about 24 methods of applique, but looking at your list reminds me that I DO know about most all of these methods, can't believe there can be 24 ways to do one thing! I don't think about it all that much because I stick with my favorite ones: needleturn by hand and a small blanket stitch (over raw edge)by machine. That's it. I will look forward to your expanded post on this subject.

  3. I see you are doing letters for your challenge quilt. I've been gathering clues to figure out what your quilt looks like, but so far I haven't gotten anywhere close.

    I like your label for your applique quilt, especially your happy and unhappy faces!

  4. I love the emoticons for the different applique techniques - never a question on which ones you'll use again *s*

  5. Ciao Paula,
    you work a lot!
    I've seen the link of your applique..it's really beautiful!
    I use Vesoflix for apllique, which is very light and it seems like there's nothing between the two fabrics.
    ciao, ciao

  6. I too love the label for your appliqué. I've just made my first label using the printer and am looking for something to "fix" the ink so it doesn't wash out so thanks for the link.

  7. You are always so busy and so productive. Love what you're doing!