29 June 2007

Quilt Show - Antique Quilts

This is the last post on the Berthoud Outdoor Quilt Show. I hope you've enjoyed the show. All of the quilts in this post were from the trunk show owned by Jeananne Wright. All these quilts in this post were hand pieced.

This tied quilt is from the 1890s and is prized by its owner (Jeananne) for the fabrics. The short sides of these triangles were approximately 1 inch. A lot of the older quilts in this show had a lot smaller blocks in them than I am used to seeing. There was no border on this quilt, it was all half-square triangles and then it stopped and was bound.

These 1890s Lemoyne Star blocks are 3 inches square. Notice the fabric used for the alternate squares and the edge triangles. Also look at the binding. I think that the binding used to be another color and faded to this khaki color. Notice the light show through? The batting in this quilt must be getting very thin because you can see that a striped backing was used. The 4-patches set on point in the inner border were only 1.5"!

This 1890s Turkey Tracks quilt is made of 3 inch blocks. The little blue triangles are appliqu├ęd. Can you imagine the size of them? That would make them approximately 1/4 inch. Wow! Can you imagine? Notice the fabric of the alternate blocks. And for you reproduction gals, look at that real deal fabric on the alternate block!

Speaking of reproduction fabrics, Jeananne made up some several quilts using reproduction fabric and had them in the show. Here's one that was used in a book. I love this quilt. The colors are so soft looking. What is the name of that star block? Anyone? The blocks in this were not any bigger that 6 inches.


  1. I think you have saved the very best for last. 1/4" applique pieces - those crazy (yet quite clever) pioneer ladies *s*

  2. Gorgeous pieces... whatever the blocks... and think-- they were entirely hand made-- no elctrical devices included. No cool rotary cutters, rulers or cutting mats-- hey are we spoiled or what?!?!?

  3. I'm so glad you are showing these quilts in installments. Gives us time to really look them over, rather than rushing off to look at the next one.
    The Turkey Tracks is so cute. I think that lady must have been as afraid of set in seams as I am!

    I think the stars are Ohio stars - made with flying geese in all four corners. I really like the colors on this one.

  4. I have enjoyed the quilt show very much :))

    Love this last set of pictures. Thanks so much.

  5. I've thoroughly enjoyed the show. I especially like the Lemoyne Star, but they're all beautiful.

  6. Oh my, beautiful -- and so tiny! How did they manage to do that? The idea of patches that small almost gives me hives!

  7. I just love hand pieced quilts! These really old ones are amazing. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  8. Ciao,
    I have enjoyed the pics very much.
    These are beautiful quilts and I'm happy to see them
    thanks to you.
    ciao ciao

  9. Marvelous old quilts!

  10. Love these old quilts, but can't imagine making those tiny blocks.

  11. Hi Paula, I love this quilts.They is loads of history with their colors and their sketches.Thank you for the pics :)))