03 July 2007

Art Nouveau

In June of 2006 I took a workshop with Suzanne Marshall who is a big fan of Art Nouveau. (Art Nouveau, if you care to know, is a curvy design that frequently incorporates floral and plant motifs.) She taught the technique she developed and uses of take-away-appliqué on a block from her quilt Rhapsody in Bloom. Of course, my color choices are totally different than hers, mainly because I was using leftovers from this quilt.

And so, this appliqué block is going to join the other orphan blocks in the box. But before it does, I think I'll pull all the orphans out to see if I can combine them into a quilt or two ala Finn and the Orphan Train. One of the things that is holding me back from doing this, though, is that I have the time line of the challenge quilt and I really, really need to work on it. So why did I work on this block, you ask? There is a very good reason: it's been a long time since I've appliquéd and I wanted to use this block for practice. Good enough reason? I think so.

Just a note: all the links in this post go to different places.


  1. WHAT?!?!? You aren't working on your challenge quilt?! Don't you know you need to finish by tomorrow?!

    Hmm, have you tried to see if this block will work with the challenge fabric?

  2. Mmmmm - your block has just the right flair. I hope it isn't destined to stay in that orphan box too long. It deserves to be admired in the light of day *s*

    ...now go get to work on your challenge piece.

  3. I have similar reasons to yours as why I can't get my orphans out just yet, I need to remain on task. The Art Nouveau is very nice, I remember a magazine article on 'take away applique' a few years back... she must have been the author. I haven't tried that method but it makes sense.

  4. It is a lovely block and does deserve to be turned into something I think :))

    I clicked on all the links - thank you :))

  5. Lovely block and what a great way to get in some practice.

  6. Great block! I hope you have a nice selection and can pull a top together!

  7. Paula
    Thanks for the links!
    This block is so nice! don't close it in the box, please!
    ciao ciao

  8. Love the block. I think it would be fantastic to link all the orphan blocks, but I know what you mean about a time line! Ugh...I think I aways have one!