31 July 2007

Button, button

I was actually sewing a couple of blouses. Garment sewing! Who-doggies! I got to the buttons and went to the button boxes (yes, plural) to get some. I have a popcorn tin and a cookie tin both full of buttons.

The pile of Pearlys in the front are all four-holes. I've already removed the celluloid and the bakelite ones. I do have some celluloid buttons that are crystallizing and they are in a baggie by themselves. I'm now separating out the shell and Mother-of-Pearl. What remains? The plastic ones.

The two-holed pile in the back still need to be split out. Can you tell from the picture which ones are celluloid and bakelite?

I got a bit sidetracked.

Does anyone have suggestions for a lot of buttons?


  1. You mean like use them? I think they are pretty to look at just like they are. Some fun, old jars and a spot you can spy every day. Okay so you might have to dust it from time to time . . . or do like me and call the dust a collection, too - saving it for all to admire *s*

  2. Mine are in jars, on shelves, too pretty to use! I do have a HUGE tin of buttons that I DO use and always agonize through the entire sorting process as I sift through, as occasion dictates, to try and "match" one; but then I realize the strength and value of this as therapy for me!

  3. Paula,
    I once saw a pattern that used lots of buttons on a felt Santa face. All the beard was made of buttons. the buttons were all white and different sizes. It was really cute- I am sorry that I don't know the name of it- It made a cute wall decoration for Christmas - I like the look of buttons in jars for decorations in my sewing room.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  4. Become the Pearly Queen of Colorado? Just a thought ;-)))

    Nicola in Australia

  5. Button tufting - by you or you could send them out to me... (Especially if they are tiny.)

  6. I have a lamp and the botton of it is a glass mason jar. I put bottons in that in my family room. You have a very nice collection of buttons.

  7. I've seen buttons glued onto things - like vases, etc.

    You can put them in pretty containers and set them around the house as decoration.

    You can use them as embellishments in your quilt.

    You could make a collage with the buttons and frame it.

  8. LOL - I just want to plunge my hands in and play with them! What fun! The bakelite ones, (on the left, btw) might be valuable. I like that idea of putting them in a jar-lamp - how pretty!

  9. Me! Me! Pick Me! (hands waving wildly)
    I have thousands of buttons, I just cannot resist them, especially old ones. Anyway, I found a book at the library that had some great (and some not so great) ways to sue buttons, I made myself a couple of button bracelets and I love them!

  10. oops, that was USE buttons, not sue buttons! See how excited I get???

  11. I have the cutest necklace made from buttons. I will try to take and send you a pic. Would make neat gifts for your sewing friends.

  12. oh I have a friend who collects buttons..........

  13. Anonymous1:30 AM

    I put mine in a clear paint can- acrylic like from Home depot. They sit on my book shelf with silk flowers in them.
    Everyone loves them.