06 August 2007

Fabric Bleeding Update

I'll be scarce for a week or so: I had company over the past weekend (my brother and SIL) and the annual sculpture show is this coming weekend. (Want more info on the sculpture show? Go to this website. ) Anyway. It always takes me a week to get back into my daily routine after the show, especially if it is hot.

But I did want to give you an update on the bleeding fabric in the Banana-fana quilt. Here's what I've done:
Results? Nada, zilch, nope, no change to the spots, but the extra Color Catcher sheet did catch a little bit more dye.

So it's back to the fabric paints. I found a good tree this morning on my walk from the parking lot to the studio. It has good leaves. I'll have to wait to do this because the leaves need to be soft and pliable to print with so picking and painting need to be done in one day. I'm going to keep my eyes open for other leaves of the area to use for printing.

Tata for now. I'll try to check in occasionally.


  1. What a shame. I hate running dye!

  2. Wow, that is unbelievable! You sure gave color removal an awfully good try! Must have been that red dye #9 or whatever...the potent carcinogenic one from the past! Well, best of luck with the painting, maybe the fun of that will make up for the horrible, no good, awful and terrible attempts at dye removal!

  3. I think this is serendipitous. I am eager to see the remedy, as I know it will be completely fantastic! Good luck on the show.

  4. That's too bad that you weren't able to get the dye washed off. I was hoping you would find the answer, since I too have a quilt that has bled. I think the quilt will be even lovelier with the leaves

  5. The sculpture show sounds like fun . . . too bad it's far away, I'd enjoy popping in *s*

  6. I've just thrown out 0.5m of red fabric that I've been soaking and treating for 5 days, that still would not stop running. I don't prewash fabric now unless I class it as suspicious, so I wonder when that will catch up with me!

  7. I found your blog when searching on the internet. I had a problem similar to yours I ended up using a product called "Carbona" Color Run Remover, i used 1/3 of what what called for in the washing machine, it did remove the red and turned my blue fabric--purple and my pink--very light pink, it does not contain bleach but sodium hydrosulfite and sodium carbonate. My reds are still really red. So use this product with caution, kind of a last ditch effort for me.
    Thanks for your input