20 July 2007

He's almost here!

I mean Harry of course.

And for you knitter's out there, read this short fun article about Needles and Broomsticks.


  1. Yea, Harry! I'm pretty sure my daughter will be in a line somewhere in the city waiting for that book.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love the old solid colors, too, except maybe not so much the pink that Grandma Glenn was so fond of, but she made good use of it.

  2. With this book I decided that I would reread the other 6 books before it came out, so it would be fresh in my mind. How long could this take. Well more than the three weeks that I allowed for it, I am most of the way thought book 5. May just have to skip book 6, as I have pre order so book 7 will arrive at my house some time tomorrow.

  3. My daughter got hers today and will have her nose buried through the final word, then I'll get her copy! ;)