19 July 2007

More Experiment Results

Remember yesterday's item #2? About the half bottle of Fray Check being spilled on my shorts? Well here is the result. Since the shorts are denim, and the Fray Check FAQ did say color might be lost during the removal process, I wasn't a bit surprised at this result. *sigh*

This unintentional experiment has resulted in some changes. Yes siree. I no longer take the complete top off the bottle of Fray Check to dip my toothpick into the bottle. I now squirt the Fray Check on a pad of paper and dip my toothpick into it. Using the big drop of Fray Check on appliqu├ęs, thread or knots is like using a cannonball to swat a fly: it kills the fly but it's really, really messy.


  1. Too bad about the shorts. Thanks for the tip on using Fracy Check. I'll remember it the next time I use Fray Check I'll remember to keep it covered.

  2. Save The Shorts - Do Some Applique!

  3. ROFLOL......I hear you. That stuff can be lethal.

  4. I too learned of fray check the hard way. I made a new outfit to wear to synagogue. The night before wearing it (it was a houndstooth wool jacket with a contrasting dress) I used fray check on a seam. I dripped some on the jacket. Imagine my delight as the color from the middle of the shoulder dissapeared! I'm sorry that you bleached your shorts. Maybe you could add a patch?